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The secret diary of Adrian Mole

First published

1982 by Methuen Ltd.

The story

The story is about a boy , called Adrian Mole. The book starts when he was 13 3/4 years old, and ends when he has just turned 15. In the story he is growing up, and is having big problems with his his puberty. He is very worried about his appereance, and the look of his body (he measures up his 'thing' a few times and looks if it has grown already….). Adrian thinks he is an intellectual and a great poet. He sends his poets to the BBC, in the hope that they will publish them. Adrian gets a few letters from the BBC (which are actually saying that they don't need his poets….).

He is not very good in school and it seems that he is the only one who likes his poets. Adrian lives with his parents, and they are a poor British family.

The important things that happen to Adrian

In the beginning of the story a new girl comes in his class in school, Pandora. He is in love with her, but she doesn't really like Adrian. He wants to be her boyfriend, but Pandora falls in love with two of Adrian's best friends and she just ignores Adrian. Adrian is still in love with her, and at Valentine's Day he writes this poem on a card for her:

Pandora!k I adore ya.

I implore ye

Don't ignore me.

All his work seems for nothing, because Pandora is still ignoring him. But when he breaks a school rule, she falls in love with him and they get together. At the end Pandora stops the relationship, because Adrian falls in love with another girl…..

Adrian's parents often have a quarrel, and this is not very good for their relationship. Eventually the mother of Adrian falls in love with the neighbour, mr Lucas. They move to a flat, while Adrian stays behind in the house with his father. Adrian doesn't like the separation, and he doesn't like mr Lucas at all. In the time that his mother is away, his father has a relationship with Doreen Slater. After a few months, his parents are living together again, and they are in love with eachother again.

Adrian joines the Samatarians(a group of people who give old and lonely people company). He has to give company to Bert Baxter, an old man with a dog called Sabre. In the beginning Bert seems to Adrian an old and dirty man, who isn't very nice. But after some time Bert is one of Adrians best friends. At the end Bert marries with Queenie, and they move into a bungalow.

My favourite part of the book

When Adrians parents are back together, his father hasn't got a job. He searches for a job, and he finally finds one. He becomes a Canal Bank Renovation Supervisor, which sounds quite important. But actually he is only in charge of a gang of school-leavers, called Baz, Daz, Maz, Kev, Melv, and Boz.

Adrian becomes a friend of Boz, who helps him to fix Adrians bike(He is an expert bike fixer, because he has been stealing them since he was six….). Boz offers one day a sniff of his glue, and Adrian declines it with thanks.

Adrian invites the gang, to come to his birthday party. Boz is the only one with a present, a tube of glue…….

The most important characters

-Mr Mole; The father of Adrian, not always very happy and most of the time unemployed.

-Mrs Mole; The mother of Adrian, loves Adrian very much and takes good care if him.

-The dog; At one moment is it one of Adrians bests friends, at the other moment he could kill him……

-Pandora; Adrians girlfriend, with who he is in love.

-Mr Lucas; With this person Adrians mother falls in love, and that's one of the reasons Adrian hates him.

-Doreen Slater; The woman with whom Adrians father falls in love for a short time.

-Bert Baxter; One of Adrians best friends, and one of the persons with whom he spents most of his time.

-Queenie Baxter; The wife of Bert.

-Grandma Mole; When Adrians parents are fighting, he can go to her. But when she comes to Adrian at home, every thing must be cleaned up…..

-Nigel; Adrian's best friend.

-Barry Kent; The bully of the school.


The story is just great, and I actually do not know why. I think, the reasons are that the story is based on a diary, and that Adrian goes through such a great deal. The happenings are also very funny discribed, and that makes the book fun to read. The only negative aspect of the book is that is is difficult to make a bookreport of it…..

Something about the writer, Sue Townsend

Sue Townsend was born at the 2nd of April 1946, in Leicester England. She was not happy at home, and that's why she went away with only 16 years old. She had a difficult life, when she met her first husband when she was 18 years old. They got tree children, and because of the money problems her husband went away so that she had to take care of them alone. Meanwhile she started writing, but with no good results.

When she met her second husband, with whom she got another child. She told him about her writing. He supported her, and said that she should go to a workshop at the Phoenix Theatre in Leicester, where amateur writers could write a play with professionell help. She was very succesfull, and six of her plays were performed. After a while an actor of the theatre discovered her diary of Adrian Mole, which she had written for herself. He sends it to the BBC, and the BBC made a radio play of it. This was the end of her financial problems, because Methuen publishers wanted to make a book of the radio play. Sue didn't expect any succes, but the book was a bestseller. There followed many reproductions, and a second part of the story, called ''The growing pains of Adrian Mole''. Finally a television serie and a musical are made of the books.
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