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The Hobbit


John Tolkien

About the book

This book was written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. He was an Englishman and 1do not know in what year he was born and if he died. Other books he wrote are: Leaf by Niggie, The lord of the rings, The adventures of Tom Bombadil, and much more.

The book was first Published in 1937 by George Allen & Unwin, they published the second, third and fourth edition too. It was also published by Grofton (eight times!).

Title explaination

The title "The Hobbit" is not hard to explain, the book is about the main character mister Bilbo Baggins, and mister Baggins is the hobbit.


There are lots of characters in this book, that is why 1 only describe the most important.

* Gandalf: he is a wizard and a friend of mister Baggins. He is probably 300 years old (this is very normal in fantasy-world), and he helps Bilbo and his friends on their adventures.

* Bilbo Baggins: He is a hobbit (some kind of small dwarf). He lives in his hobbit-hole and loves comfort most of all. Later on in the book he goes trough a development so he's a round character.

* Thorin Oakenshield: He and twelve other dwarfs, Fili, Kili, Balin, Dwalin, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur and Bombur, will help the Hobbit and Gandalf on their way. Thorin Oakenshield is the most important dwarf.

* The elves (they live in the woods) and the people play a role too in the book.

* Enemies of Bilbo are: Goblins, Spiders, Wolfs, Trolis and other scary creatures.


The book is about Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, who lives in his hobbit-hole. He loves comfort, that is why he has a very comforting hole; nice and cozy. One day his friend Gandalf the wizard visits him in his garden in his garden. He makes an appointment for the next day at tea-time to talk with him. But the next day at tea-time Gandalf brings 12 dwarfs to his house. He of course does not like it, because he now has to serve tea for thirteen people. When the hobbit has served the dwarfs lunch (with much food, because dwarfs eat much), Gandalf explains why he brought so many dwarfs. The dwarfs want to recover an old treasure which belongs to one of the dwarfs, Thorin Oaken-shield they know it will be a dangerous trip to the treasure and it is guarded by Smang the Magnificent, a large and dangerous dragon. When Bilbo asks why he has to travel with them (which the dwarfs also do not know, because a hobbit is very small and of no use to them) Gandalf answers that he is just perfect and that it will become clear to him and the dwarfs during the adventure. So that is why bilbo has to leave his nice hole and the place where he was born and bred, to find a treasure guarded by a dragon. The first adventure on their road is with goblins. Because it storms, the group (with Grandal) decides to seek shelter in an nearby cave. And when they are all sleeping, Bilbo has a dream, in which he sees they are being attacked by goblins during their sleep. He wakes up and sees his dream had become the truth. When they killed some goblins, they flee in the cave to avoid the goblins. In this cave, Bilbo finds a ring which can make you invisible (so which can save your life). At the end they all make it and the group travels further. They visit several friends and have some other adventures. After that Gandalf must leave to do some work elsewhere. Then they reach their last point before going to the Dragon, it is a village in the middle of a lake (as a protection for the dragon). From here they can see the mountain where Smang (the dragon) lies with his treasure. The last part of the journey is from the village to the mountain. When they reached it, they only can find one entrance (Smang blocked all others), and Bilbo decides to go and seek Smang in the mountain with his invisibility-ring. Only the dragon (of course he can not see him) smells him, and Bilbo has a conversation with Smang the Magnificent! When he returns the dwarfs can hear the Dragon fly away. Bilbo knows that the dragon is going to destroy the village because he told him the villagers helped them. In the meantime they found the treasure, but they are still afraid of Smang to return, but a few days later a raven tells them that Smang is killed by Bard who shot his last arrow into smangs weak point. When they all think they can return, the goblins come with thousands. But luckily elves, dwarfs and men fight together against those stupid goblins. After a day the Goblins were defeated, but Thorin Oakenshield, Fili and Kili were killed. They buried them by the Mountain, Bilbo gets his share of the treasure and returns home, where he lived very long and happily.


This story takes place in some kind of fantasy-world with scary creatures. But there is not really a "time" so you can not say: it happened then.


The theme of this novel is that in bad times you will learn who your friends are, and you will never ever have to give up. Because if you really want something with all of your hart, you can do it on some way or another.


There are several narrative techniques used by the writer: The narrator is involved in the plot because he uses the I-form, but he is also omniscient, outside the plot, the he/she form. Mostly the point of view is through the eyes of Bilbo. The events are described in chronological order (there are no flashbacks used in the novel.


The English used in the book was not really difficult to read. In the beginning there are some strange words but you know what they mean and after ten pages you are already used to it. There are some dialogues in the book, it is colloquial and there is slang.


The genre of this novel is alternative realism. The novelist does not mirror the real world but leads the reader into a whole new world a "fantasy" world, so a new alternative realism is created.


I liked this book very much because the most weird things are told but it remains very exiting. I recommend this book very much.
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