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Lord of the Rings


John Tolkien


First published in (in one volume): 1968

This edition published in: 1995

Title explaination

The title is Lord of the Rings, which means Sauron, the evil lord who created the one ring and is determined to regain his ring at any cost.


The Lord of the Rings is set in a sort of medieval sort of setting in a fantasy world, Middle Earth. Technology isn't very advanced, and the world is a mystical fairytale sort of world with all kinds of strange creatures in it: Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins and werewolves (wargs) and lots more.

Main characters and their relation to each other

The story is about a group of travelers who set out to destroy the ring. The main character is Frodo, he is the ring-bearer, there is his best friend Sam and his other friends Merry and Pippin, they are all hobbits. There is the great wizard Gandalf, the mighty man Aragorn, or Strider as he is introduced to The Hobbits. Then there is another man, called Boromir, an Elf called Legolas and a dwarf whose name is Gimli. These travelers set out against the evil Sauron, ruler of the Ring and lord of many evil things. On their way they also come up against Saruman, a mighty wizard who once was a good wizard, but now has turned evil. They are also followed by a creature called Gollum who once possessed the Ring and now wants it back.

Main characters in detail

As said, the most important person in the story is Frodo, because he has to carry the Ring and take it into the land of lord Sauron to the only place where it can be destroyed. At the beginning of the story he is an ordinary hobbit fond of and used to a lot of comfort and extensive meals. Although he is more of an adventurer than most of his kind, he would have never taken part in this adventure, had he known what it entailed. He is of a wealthy and respectable family, the Baginses. As the story proceeds he becomes more and more a brave little hobbit. He is of gentle character and very loyal to his friends.

Gandalf the Wizard is also a very important character, his full name is Gandalf the Grey, or as the elves call him: Mithrandir. He is an old and wise man but also very mysterious and closed to others. He tends to speak in riddles and he is a solemn character who will not soon indulge in small talk like The Hobbits do, but he has humor and he is very fond of The Hobbits and their particular ways. The others all have the deepest respect for him and he is the leader of the company.


This story is mainly about courage, I think, the courage of Frodo, the little hobbit. It is also about not underestimating the little things, as Sauron did with The Hobbits. And finally it is about the fight between good and evil.

Short summary

Frodo, a young hobbit, inherits a ring from his uncle, Bilbo, and he is told by Gandalf to take it to Rivendell, an elf-home. So he sets out with Sam, Merry and Pippin They pass through the old forest and the Barrow-downs, where there are many dangers, but Tom Bombadil, master of the forest aids them. They move on to Bree where they meet up with a man named Strider, a Ranger. Together they leave for Rivendell, once there, a council is called upon by Elrond. Here they hear that Frodo's ring is the one ring of Sauron and that it must be destroyed in the land of Mordor. Frodo is chosen to carry the ring, and Gandalf, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir and Strider are to accompany him. Here also The Hobbits learn that Strider's real name is Aragorn and that he is an heir of a great King. They set out for Mordor and they soon pass through Moria, where Gandalf is killed. After traveling through Lorien, they come to the Emyn Muil and there they are separated, Frodo and Sam going to Mordor, Merry and Pippin being captured by Orcs, Boromir gets killed and Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas pursue the Orcs to free Merry and Pippin. The Orcs lead the two hobbits to the forest Fangorn where they escape. There Aragorn and his companions lose track of them, but they meet Gandalf, who seems not to have been killed. Together with him they go to Theoden, king of Rohan and Merry and Pippin go in the forest and meet the Ents. Both parties (The Hobbits with the ents, and Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and gimli with the men of Rohan) set out and destroy the armies of the evil wizard Saruman. In the mean while Frodo and Sam capture a greature named Gollum who was following them and he agrees to join forces with them. Through the dead marshes they eventually reach a passage into Mordor, but Gollum is gone. Frodo is captured and Sam takes the ring. The story then goes back to Argorn and the rest, they go to Minas Tirith together with the men of Rohan to help the men of Gondor in the battle against the forces of Sauron. There Aragorn reclaims his tilte as king of Gondor. Then, back to Frodo and Sam, Sam frees Frodo and gives the ring back, together they travel to Mount Doom and the ring is destroyed. Sauron's power is broken and they are victorious. The Hobbits go back to the Shire. The Shire is overtaken by a great evil, but the four hobbits clear their land of all evil. It had been the work of Saruman, but he is exiled from the Shire. Frodo leaves for the grey havens, and that is the end of the story.


I liked

-the fantasy/epic aspect of the story

-the courage of Frodo

-the battles described in the book

-the devotion of Sam to his master

-the wizardry of Gandalf

-just the brilliance of the whole thing

I disliked

I dislike nothing really, it is my favorite book and I can't think of anything to put here.
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