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The book is about Frodo Baggins. Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, is his uncle. Frodo has to go to destroy the ring Bilbo found in 'The Hobbit'. This ring is a very powerful ring, the lord of the rings, and evil powers try to steal it away from him to use it to rule the world. By destroying it they want to make sure this doesn't happen. But before they can throw is in the flames that created it, they have to travel there. And that is a very long and hard way. They travel in a group, but at one point they all lose each other and follow different paths. But at they and all the characters that have survived, meet again. And at the end Bilbo, who has become very old, moves away, over the ocean, and dies there. The book doesn't have one climax, but multiple ones. It wouldn't be a nice book to read if it only had one climax, because it has a lot of pages. You wouldn't get through.


The title refers to the ring Frodo has to destroy. Once upon a time there were these rings, one for every king of every specie. These rings were all overpowered by one: the Lord of the rings. This is the only ring that's left from those old days and it has to be destroyed.

Setting and background

The story takes place a long time ago, when the world wasn't as big as it is now and when people still believed in hobbits, dwarfs, elves and goblins. It was a time when there still was magic. Bad magic to fight and good magic to fight it with. This is very important in the book, because without it there wouldn't be a story.


Frodo is a round character and so are the other characters. You read what they feel and think and all the things they meet and have to fight. My favourite character is Sam. He does everything for Frodo, to protect him from evil.


The story is told by someone who all-knowing. He tells what happens with everybody everywhere. One chapter you read about Frodo and Sam, the next you read about Gandalf.


The writer is most interested in events and especially atmosphere. The whole story is about the atmosphere, which is a bad one most of the time. The book deals with all sorts of feelings. It deals with love, Sam's love for Frodo, love between a man and a woman and love between a father and his child, it deals with hatred, all the evil powers that hate the good powers, the struggle between good and evil, that's what the whole story is about, courage, it's very courageous of Frodo to go to the mountains to destroy the ring, and it's very courageous of Sam to go with him, friendship and fear, because Sam goes with Frodo out of friendship in spite of his fears.


The genre of this book is fiction or a fantasy novel. I don't believe in elves and hobbits.


I really liked the book. That's probably because a like fiction and fantasy. It's a very good story. I would recommend it to everybody, but I don't think many people will read it because it's such a big book. It took me about two years to read it, and that's a long time.
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