Boekverslag : Bram Stoker - Dracula
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1360 woorden.

Engels leesverslag 4 : Dracula

By Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker is a man. He goes to Transylvania. There, he goes to Count Dracula, because the count had bought a house in England. Jonathan and Dracula meet. They talk a lot. At night they are talking and at day they are sleeping. Jonathan thinks that Dracula is a strange man. Jonathan is shaving himself, when Dracula enters the room. But Jonathan can’t see Dracula in his looking glass. Jonathan cuts himself, and Jonathan sees that Dracula is looking at the blood like an animal. Jonathan thinks that he is not Dracula’s visitor but his prisoner.

Jonathan wrote a letter to his girlfriend and his boss in England. Dracula said to Jonathan that Jonathan was not allowed to go in to the locked rooms. And Jonathan wasn’t allowed to sleep anywhere but in his own room. Jonathan goes through the castle. He goes into a room that seemed to be locked, but it wasn’t. Jonathan looks down a window, and sees below him a figure that climbs head downward like a fly on the wall. Jonathan is afraid and lies down on a bed opposite the window. He closed his eyes and when he opens them again, he sees three young women, watching him from the shadows. One of them comes near him. When the woman is close by Jonathan, Dracula grabs the women and throws her through the room. Dracula says to them that Jonathan is his. Than Jonathan realize that this isn’t an ordinary house, but a house of vampires.

Jonathan’s weeks up the next day in his own bed. Count Dracula doesn’t say a thing about the thing that had happened the other day. Jonathan want’s to escape, but Dracula says that Jonathan can go the next day. Jonathan want’s to go this day because he doesn’t like to be there another night. Jonathan returns to his room. When he comes there, all his clothes and other stuff had been disappeared. Count Dracula was wearing it! Jonathan wants to know what’s going on so he goes to the room of count Dracula. He climbs down with a curtain. When he’s in the room, he can’t believe that this is the room of Dracula, because it was very dusty. Jonathan goes down a stair and than discovers something terrible. Count Dracula is laying in a bow filled with earth. He has a red face and blood running down his mouth. Jonathan climbs back to his room and is afraid.

Mina, the girlfriend of Jonathan and Lucy where on a holiday in Withby, when a strange ship arrived in the river. Mina woke up that night. The bed next to hers was empty. Lucy sat on a chair and with in her neck two little red marks. Lucy got weaker every day, and she also was getting paler. The doctor, Dr. Seward, a close friend of Lucy, went to check Lucy but couldn’t find anything ordinary, except the red marks, in Lucy’s neck. He knew just the man for these kind of unusual cases, Professor Van Helsing of Amsterdam.

Van Helsing arrives the next day and goes to check Lucy, he doesn’t say much, but Seward sees that he didn’t wasted the time of Van Helsing. Van Helsing goes bask to Amsterdam, Every day; Seward sends a rapport about Lucy to Van Helsing. It’s getting better with Lucy. But than, one day Lucy was so bad that Seward asked Van Helsing, to come over and check on Lucy. Van Helsing gave Lucy blood from a young man. Lucy was getting better. The next evening, Van Helsing goes to the room of Lucy, with a box of flowers. He goes with them around the room and closes al the windows. He makes a necklace, and puts them around Lucy’s neck. The next day they went back to see Lucy, but Lucy’s mother had opened a window and thrown the necklace away. Van Helsing says to Seward that he must stay every night at Lucy’s place, and he had to do the same thing with the flowers as Van Helsing had done.

Seward waked at Lucy’s for the next few days. One day a man, a patient of Dr. Seward, attacked him with a knife. Jack Seward wasn’t able to go to Lucy. Jack gives an order to one of his helpers. The helper had to go to Lucy and say her that she had to make the usual arrangements. The next day, Jack received a telegram from Professor Van Helsing. Jack had to be that night at Lucy’s stood in the telegram. But the telegram was delivered wrong so Jack didn’t receive the telegram the next morning. As fast as he could, Jack went to Lucy. No one answered the doorbell. Jack walked around the house. All the windows were closed, except for the window of the room, where the mother of Lucy slept. He heard a noise. It was Mr. Van Helsing. They went inside and found Lucy and her mother lying on the bed. They both looked pale. The servants were sleeping on the ground. Someone had put something in his Tea. Lucy was dying and her mother too. Lucy had a pale face and sharp teeth. Arthur kissed her and then she died.

When Lucy’s funeral was over, their where more articles about little children who had disappeared and later found with also two red marks in their necks. The children were also pale and weak. Van Helsing says that Lucy had made these victims. They went to Lucy’s coffin and saw that there was no one in the coffin. They waited and after a long wait they saw someone carrying a child. That person ran away, but putted the child on the floor. They went back to the coffin of Lucy, and she was in it. The next day, they went back to the tomb. They where with two more man. Again, they saw a white shape with in her hands a small child. It was Lucy. She went back to her coffin; she had blood of the child on her mouth. Van Helsing made sure that she wasn’t able to escape. In the early morning, the men went back inside and opened the coffin. They drove a piece of wood through Lucy’s hart. They cut of her head and put garlic in her mouth.

The next day, Jonathan and Mina returned. They went to Van Helsing. Jonathan tells him the story of Dracula. Van Helsing organises a gathering. Jonathan, Mina, Jack Seward and Arthur Holmewood were the invited. Van Helsing tells them that the evil, which they want to destroy, is only a hundred meters away. It’s in a house nearby. The men go that house. In the house are boxes. There is dust everywhere. Some of the boxes are gone to different places. The men kill all the vampires. Then, the men go and want to kill Dracula. In the hunt after Dracula, they go back to the castle in Transylvania. One night, when they are resting in a hotel, Dracula attacks Mina. Mina drinks the blood of Dracula. Mina will be a vampire too, if they don’t kill Dracula. They arrive just before Dracula. Van Helsing is the first who arrives. He guards Mina, who has almost become a vampire. The rest of the men arrive and they wait for Dracula. When Dracula arrives, is it day, so he is lying in his wooden box. They open the box, and drive a piece of wood through the hart of Dracula. They stood around the body of Dracula. They were able to kill Dracula just before it became night and Dracula would wake up. Mina recovered, and she was again the Mina that loved Jonathan.

Own opinion:

Dracula is an exiting book. There are some parts very exiting. I think, that when the men are killing Dracula, is the most thrilling part. It isn’t a difficult book to read because it isn’t so long. You can read it pretty fast. It got small chapters and the book doesn’t count more then 55 pages.
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