Boekverslag : Bram Stoker - Dracula
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 639 woorden.

Name author: Bram Stoker.

Dracula, Longman Group UK Limited 1991,64 pages, simplified edition.

Genre: A horror story.

First reaction: It seems to me it was a exciting story, and so I picked it out.

And de real book seems to difficult, and I want to start with a simple book.

When I first read the book I liked it was exactly what I was hoping for.

Excitement and not to difficult.

A short summary of Dracula.

Jonathan was on a holiday after the holiday he would be married with Mina his girlfriend.

He was looking for a place to sleep, and he saw a castle.

He arrived at that castle, and he stayed there for one night.

And Jonathan had a very nice time there and the count asked him to stay there for another two weeks, and he agreed.

After a week he noticed that the count was a vampire.

And he was not alone in the castle, there where also three women’s.

They where also vampires, but he escaped out of the castle.

When he was home a friend of Mina called Lucy is ill.

A professor from Holland came to her and knew why Lucy was ill, he said that she was bitten by a vampire.

He had a solution how to heal Lucy, and that is to kill the vampire who has bitten Lucy.

They made a team to kill the vampire, Mina, Jonathan and the doctor from Holland.

When Jonathan had seen the count from the castle he know for sure that he was the vampire.

That night when the where looking for the count, was Mina bitten by the vampire.

And they came to a building where the count was sleeping in a box.

Jonathan killed the vampire with a piece of wood, he hit the piece in the count his hart.

The end of a beautiful story.

The characters:

Count Dracula: a neat man, he is looking a little white but that do all vampires.

And he is very hospitable, but he also want your blood, so watch it.

Jonathan Harker:

A great man, because he is not afraid of the Count, even when he knows that he is a vampire.

And he is smart and I think it is a little hero, because he killed the Count and saved his girlfriend.

The story is chronological, and it is science fiction.

And it is a old story but it could played anytime.

It is a one person character story.

There is also a connection to the title and the theme, vampires are mend to be scared people.

Your own reaction of the book?

The book was easy to read, but it was exciting.

When Lucy was bitten by that vampire that was a moment that moves me.

I didn’t expect it and than she is ill, yes it was said.

The most I liked was Jonathan.

The most that I liked from him is that he wasn’t afraid of the count.

I would run like hell, when I had seen a vampire.

There are lots of books that have the same subject, and I couldn’t compere with other books because this was the first one.

All together I think that it is a nice book to get started with.

One question to my teacher, was it necessarily to write averting in English?

Extra Opdracht voor je leesverslag: Een gedicht.

The sky is dark and black

Before you know it the vampire will be back

To kill and attack

So be prepared with a piece of wood

Yes then you only could

Kill the vampire

So only with full moon

The vampire will attack soon
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