Boekverslag : Robert Louis Stevenson - The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
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Readingreport English,

1. Title: The strange case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.

Author: R. L. Stevenson.

2a. The book was first published in 1885.

b. I read the first publishing.

3a. Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde are the tow names of the main character in the story.

b. Look at the answer of question 3a.

4. The book belongs to the genre crime story.

5a. The scene is laid in London in the streets en certain houses. Dr. Jeckyll has a laboratory at the back of his house.

b. The story takes place in the nineteenth Century. I know this because in book they talk about for example, servantd, the butler, gaslights, a carriage, a photograph and walking sticks.

6a. The main characters are Mr. Utterson, Dr. Jeckyll, Mr. Hyde.

b. Mr. Utterson tells the story. He’s a lawyer and he’s a very serious amn. He likes things as wine and theatre and has friends of his ‘own sort’.

Dr. Jeckyll is a very good and experimenting doctor. He’s very handsome.

Mr. Hyde is a strange man> He has no profession but he commits crimes, including killing someone.

7. The story is about Dr Jekyll who has got something to do with Mr Hyde. Mr Utterson discovers that Mr Hyde is an evil man who has a lot of contact with Dr Jekyll. Mr Utterson thinks that Mr Hyde is blackmailing Dr Jekyll because of Dr Jekyll’s strange will that will give Mr Hyde all Jekyll’s money and property if Jekyll should "disappear" and at the beginning of the story

when Hyde tramples down a girl, he uses Jekyll’s money to pay the family. Mr. Utterson tries to solve this mystery. First he goes to a friend of Dr Jekyll’s, Dr Lanyon, but he says he hasn’t seen Jekyll for a few years because they disagreed about a medical problem. After this, on his way to visit Jekyll, he sees Hyde and asks him where he lives. Mr Hyde looks very angry and tells him his address in Soho. Then Utterson goes to Jekyll’s house, and talks to Poole the butler who says that Hyde has a key to the house and is free to come in when he wants to. Jekyll has told the servants to obey Mr Hyde. About a year later a maid sees Hyde kill Sir Danvers Carew in the street under her window. The next day the police comes to Utterson’s house to ask him to identify the body because the dead man had a letter addressed to him in his pocket. When Utterson hears that Hyde had something to do with it, he takes them to Hyde’s home. They go inside and find the other half of the walking stick that was

used to kill Carew, so they are sure Hyde is the killer, but now he has disappeared into thin air. Dr.Jekyll has been very strange since Hyde began coming to his house, but now that Hyde has disappeared, he is very friendly to everyone again., even to Lanyon. Jekyll tells Utterson that Hyde has gone forever and they will never see him again. But a year later, Dr Jekyll starts to act strangely again. He doesn’t want to see anyone any more. Utterson goes to visit Lanyon to ask if he knows why Jekyll is like this but Lanyon is very ill and soon dies. He leaves a letter for Utterson to be opened on the death or disappearance of Henry Jekyll. After a few weeks the butler, Poole, comes to Utterson’s house and begs him to come with him to Jekyll’s house because he thinks something strange is going on. Poole tells him that for the last few weeks, Jekyll has sent him to many chemist shops to try and buy some medicine but always sends it back because it is the wrong one. He won’t let anyone see him. Poole is afraid that Hyde is in the laboratory and that he has murdered Jekyll so he wants Utterson to come and break down the door. There they find Hyde dead on the floor and a letter for Mr Utterson which explains the doctor’s strange behaviour and tells Utterson to read Lanyon’s letter. The men also find a new will written by Jekyll that leaves everything to Utterson. It seems that Jekyll has discovered some potion that can change him into someone else which is the evil side of his character. Jekyll gets addicted to this side of his character and takes the potion more and more often until once he changes into Hyde without the potion. It becomes more and more difficult to change back into Jekyll because his bad side is taking over. He

sends Poole to search for more of the potion, but he cannot find any more of the same medicine. One night he goes to Lanyon’s house and drinks the potion in front of his friend so that Lanyon sees the ugly Hyde change back into his friend Jekyll. He is so shocked that he becomes very ill and then dies. At the end when Utterson warns Hyde that he is going to break down the door, Hyde takes poison and kills himself because he knows his evil ways must end.

8a. Division of one man into a dual personality. The division is caused by a conflict between good and evil.

b. Yes, I think he wanted to explain that every man has a good and bad side. If you give the bad side a chance, the bad side will dominate until you won’t have a good side anymore.

9. I’ve chosen this book because it is a well-known book and the title sounds mysterious.

10. I enjoyed reading this story. It was exiting and mystery.
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