Boekverslag : Robert Louis Stevenson - The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
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The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Mr. Utterson is a lawyer. The best friend of Mr Utterson is Mr Enfield. Once, they were walking along the streets, Enfiels told him a strange story. He was going home at three o'clock in the morning when he suddenly saw two persons. The first was a little girl who was running as fast as she could and the second was a person who was just walking. But then the two bumped into each other and the child fell down. Then a terrible thing happened : the man just walked over the little girl. Enfield saw it and ran after the man. Meanwhile, the doctor and the family of the child were come. They wanted that the man gave them money for not telling that story to everyone. So the man went home for money. He had a cheque with him and the name on it was a well-known one, known for his kindness and goodness. But the stranger told them that his name was Hyde. Enfield didn't trust that and so they went together to the bank for the money. And the man got the money, so something was wrong. I have already told you that Mr Utterson is a lawyer. Dr Jekyll is a client of Mr Utterson and he had given his well to Mr Utterson with the following text : When I die or dissapear for more than 3 months, I wish to let everything I own to my dear friend Edward Hyde. Then everything went normal again.

A year later, another strange thing happend. It was midnight and there was a servant girl who could not sleep. She was sitting at her bedroom window and looking outside. She saw two man walking along the street. She recognised one of them, it was Mr Hyde. Suddenly, Hyde seemed to explode with anger. He hit the other man violently with the stick he was carrying. He knocked him to the ground. He beat him again and again. So Mr Utterson wants to find out what's wrong. He went together with a police inspector, to Mr Hyde's place . Ther they find the other half of the stick because one part had laid beside the body of the dead man . They also found a half-burnt cheque book of Mr Hyde. So they were sure now Hyde was the murderer. A few days later Utterson went to Dr Jekyll to pay him a visit. But he did not looked healthy. Jekyll told him that he would never see Hyde again. He also told him that Hyde had planned to murder him. Jekyll had recieved a lettre from Hyde. Utterson took the lettre with him to home, and discovered that it was the same handwriting as that from Mr Jekyll. That was strange ! ! Another few months passed. One day he met a friend, who was also a good friend of Dr Jekyll. Dr Lanyon was very ill and had only a few weeks to live. So he died. In a lettre from Dr Lanyan to Utterson, there was an envelope with the words : Not to be opened until the death or dissapearance of Dr Jekyll. That were the same words as in the will of Dr Jekyll. So time passed. Utterson was trying hard to see Jekyll, but Jekyll always refuses. So Utterson thought : there's something wrong with him, he need help. He asked it again , at the door of the laboratory where Jekyll always locked himself up. But that was not the voice of Jekyll. It was the voice of Mr Hyde, the person who was a murderer and wanted by the police! So probably he had murdered Jekyll because of the money. Utterson broke downthe door . But it was already to late. In the middle of the room was Mr Hyde lying, on the floor, dead. He had taken a poisson to kill himself. Utterson found a packet with letters, addressed to himself from Dr Jekyll. In one of them stood : go home and read the lettre of Mr Lanyon. So he did it. That lettre is the most important of the hole book : Lanyon told that he had recieved a lettre from Mr Jekyll. In that lettre Jekyll told him that he had to go to his labarotory and take a book, a small bottle and chemical powders. He had to take everything back home and at midnight he should recieve a visit from a man. Please give him everything, asked Jekyll. So the man came. It was Mr Hyde, who was dead now. He came in and asked a medicine glass. So he took the chemical powders, the bottle and put it all together. Than he drunk it. His whole body began to shook and shiver. He was breathing fast through his open mouth . And then his hole body began to change. He became taller, fetter. Suddenly it was over. But he was changed. In front of him stood Henry Jekkyl !! Hyde and Jekyll were the same persons !!

Then Utterson read the confession of Jekyll. He told him that he was all his life unhappy, because everyone saw him as a serious, kind and good man. And inside him he was not. So he wanted to create a liquid for making himself that other person inside him. And it worked. But not good. After a year or so he had to take dubble doses and sometimes, when he awokes, he was suddenly Mr Hyde. He had not thought about it that the evil person in himself could win it from the good person. But it happened. One day, when he was walking in the park, as Dr Jekyll, and he suddenly became Mr Hyde. So after that, he closed himself up in the laboratory, because Hyde was wanted by the police. He always became Hyde, without taking a dose of his liquid. He did not want that and he drunk his liquid. But he always needed stronger doses. Jekyll felt that Hyde was taking control over his body. So he drunk poisson when Utterson broke in. That was the end of Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll.
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