Boekverslag : John Steinbeck - The Pearl
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1. Title: The pearl (82 p.)

2. Author: John Steinbeck.

He was born on 27 February of 1902 and died on 20 December 1968.

3. Summary:

Kino lives with his wife Juana and child Coyotito in a small village called La Paz in Mexico. One day Coyotito is sting by a scorpion. Because a sting of a scorpion is fatal for a baby they go to a doctor. When they arrive at the practice the doctor

doesn't want to examine Coyotito because of the fact that Kino is a poor Indian. Kino and Juana don't know what they're going to do to save their baby, so they decided to go diving in the hope that they'll find a pearl in one of the many oysters in the Mexican Gulf to pay the doctor.

Luck is on their side. Kino finds "the pearl of the world". A couple of days later Kino goes to an office where there are pearl dealers. One of them says that the pearl isn't worth much because he is too big and nobody would buy it. The others agree. Of course Kino is very upset and doesn't believe them. He thinks that they are cheating him. That night Juana ran away to the beach with the pearl in her hand because she believs that the pearls is evil, but Kino could prevent her from throwing away the pearl in the sea. What Kino doesn't know is that someone was following them. When Kino is alone for a moment he is attacked by someone who is trying to steal his pearl, but Kino has is knife on him and he stabs the thief. Juana and Kino start to panic and flee. Kino knows that there are probable trackers who are following them. Even though he takes a lot of precautions to hide their footsteps, the 3 trackers are able to get close to him and his family. In stead of fleeing he tries to take the rifle of one of the trackers, but the rifle went of and a bullet hits Coyotito. Coyotito dies.

4. Main characters:

- Kino: a poor Indian man who tries to take care of his family

- Juana: the wife of Kino

- Coyotito: the first born child of Kino and Juana

5. Theme:

Money can change your life

6. Genre:

It's an old Mexican folk story

7. Background:

The story takes place in La Paz (Mexico) and it takes a few days.

8. Personal appreciation:

I find it an interesting but funny story. In the book you can learn a little bit of the Indian culture and that interested me very much.
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