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Good Omens


Terry Pratchett


First published in: 1990

This edition published in: 1994

Title explaination

The title is about omens, predictions, because of the book, The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, which contains a lot of omens. The subtitle refers to that book, the only book which got all the predictions about the future and the Apocalypse right.


The setting is England, present day. Mainly London and a town called Tadfield.

Main characters and their relation to each other

The main characters in this book are Aziraphale, an angel, his good friend Crowley, who is a demon Adam, the eleven year old antichrist with his friends Pepper, Wensleydale and Brian, the four riders: Dearh, War, Hunger and Pollution and finally Agnes Nutter's descendant Anathema Instrument.

Main character in detail

To describe THE main character is not possible as this book has three main characters, each of which are in my opinion equally important. I will therefor describe a little of each.

First Aziraphale, he is a 6000 year old angel with a bookstore, his passion is to collect books, especially ones that predict the future. He doesn't care much for Armageddon and likes his life on earth. Although he is a real angel and would never swear or do anything `evil' he sometimes shapes the meaning of the word good into something which is convenient for him at that moment. If you are enemies with someone for 6000 years, he sort of becomes your friend which is exactly what happened to him and a demon named Crowley. They are best friends actually. Crowley is as said a demon, but not like other demons. He is more of a modernized demon, whereas the others are in their minds still in the fourteenth century. He likes earth like Aziraphale and doesn't like the prospect of Armageddon either. As a demon his job is corrupting people and he is really good at it because he does use technology. His passions are his car and Queen music. Finally there is Adam, he is the antichrist, but through an accident he came into a normal family in stead of the satanic one he was meant to have. So he grows up in a normal neighborhood and has normal friends. He is eleven years old and the proud leader of a gang. His passions are playing outside with his friends. He is also concerned with the environment and important matters like that after he gets some magazines from Anathema.


I think this story is about the importance of friendship and about the battle between good and evil being a joke, because if there can never be a winner, because the remaining side wouldn't know what to do next if they won.

Short summary

The tale begins when the antichrist is mistakenly replaced with the baby of a normal, nice family from Tadsfield. The coming of the antichrist sets in motion the beginning of the Apocalypse. Crowley and Aziraphale don't like the prospect of that so decide to kill the antichrist, who is then eleven. They go to the family where the antichrist should have been but discover that the kid there isn't him. Aziraphale finds the book of Agnes Nutter and studies it. Meanwhile Adam gets a couple of magazines about environmental issues and stuff like that from Anathema. He gets really upset about it and uses unconsciously his antichrist powers to change a lot of that. The four motorbikers of the Apocalypse begin to gather. Finally Aziraphale learns the location of the antichrist from the book but Crowley and him are ordered to join the demon and angel armies. They both neglect the order and move towards Tadsfield. There on an army base the four riders set up the nuclear weapons to destroy the earth, but Adam defeats the four riders with his gang. Then he makes everything right again and all is well.


I liked

-the weird sense of logic of Adam

-the wrongdoings of Crowley

-the way everything comes together

I disliked

-the chaotic structure of the book

-the role of Shadwell
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