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Dolores Claiborne

By Stephen King

Dolores Claiborne has got a story to tell about Ms (Vera) Donovan about the way she finally died. But It isn't exactly the story the police are expecting to hear.

The police officer, Frank Proulx, suspected Dolores of murdering Vera Donovan.

But Dolores was the housekeeper and her best friend/compaignon for more than 22 years long until the day Vera died. Dolores admIts she didn’t always get a long but that was natural every best friend or compaignon had there good and their bad periods.

A few hours before Vera was found dead, Dolores cleaned the bed of Vera because she passed water in her bed. Vera was very emotional about It and the only thing that could give her some rest was to give her her chinese big of porcelain that played some music. Than Dolores said she put the kettle on fire to make some tea and she wend downstairs. Vera who was listening to her chinese big of porcelain in her wheelstair meanwhile she rolled herself to the staircase leaving a lot of noise behind her. Dolores heard all the noise and went upstairs, she saw Vera who was trying to get to the staircase to make an end of her life by trying to fall down the stairs.

The next day that Vera and Dolores were found in the hall by the mailman was for the police officer Frank the occasion to arrest Dolores and to be suspected of the murder on Vera Donovan.

Vera Donovan was a widow since her husband died on Baltimore in a motor accident so was been told…?

Dolores Claiborne wasn’t taken into custody, she was kept save at the police-office when the police officer, Frank Proulx, send a fax to her daughter, Mss Selena St. George, in New York anonymous to get her on LIttle Tall Island. Frank Proulx has settled many murders except the case of Mr Joe St. George. So he pursued Dolores to the end until she will fall but that isn’t going to happen. That is why he send a fax to Selena at her work.

The day that Selena arrived on the island to see her mother is very emotional for her because she left the LIttle Tall Island for the troubles she had there but she doesn’t remember a thing. Dolores had 2 sons, one was killed in a barrack explosion in Saigon, named; LIttle Pete St. George and the other Yoe Junior went to the UniversIty in Maine in Orono after he finished he got an job in Machias as CIty Manager Dolores never heard him before. Selena took her mother, Dolores, home and went to the supermarket to get some food. Meanwhile Dolores took Selena´s stuff upstairs and saw the medicines of Selena.

In the time Selena is wIth her mother many emotional memories of her youth came upbove her but she couldn’t place them. Dolores told her about her Misery of her husband that he was an alcoholic (selena drinks also too much, like her daddy), he manhandled her and finally abused Selena. Selena listen to this all and couldn’t believed It that It was true, then she packed her things left the house to go back to New York.

Dolores already thought that Selena would leave, therefore she recorded the story on tape what she was going to tell the next morning in country hall;

She told Selena that she was very angry wIth Yoe because he had enclosed a new bank account she didn’t know of and that she found out that he abused Selena she couldn’t believe that but It was true. Dolores would do Yoe like Vera Donovan done her husband.

Dolores didn’t plan the day that Yoe would be done. Vera Donovan gives her the day off to spend the eclipse wIth her husband. She said: sometimes a woman had to be a high.ridin bItch and being a bItch is all a woman has to hold onto.

She knew then that this would be the moment she could do It wIthout being seen by the people of LIttle Tall Island.

She made Yoe a nice last meal and gives him something to get drunk before he was going to be dead. When Yoe has finished his last meal Dolores told him that she knows what he has done wIth they’re daughter and the money.

Yoe had become very angry wIth her than Dolores run away from him while he was following her through the bushes. Earlier that week Dolores jammed wIth her foot in an old well. When she saw the old well she jumped over the well and Yoe was so drunk he didn’t saw the old well and that was the end of Yoe St. George.

And that was and is the only murder that Dolores Claiborne had been commItted..

When Vera Donovan convicted suicide she heard of Mr Greenbush wIthin 24-hours of Vera´s passing, she estates 30 million dollar. Dolores knew that Vera had children, Helga and Donald, so It was natural that the money belongs to them and not to Dolores but what she didn’t knew was that Vera her children died in a car accident they misted a turn and went into the quarry.
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