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De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1293 woorden.


Pied Piper


Nevil Shute

Main Characters

John Sidney Howard - The main character (the Pied Piper)

Nicole - the friend of Howards died son John

The kids - he pics them up everywhere along the route


The I person sees Howard come in an London club. WWII was on. They talk a little about things. Then a bombingraid from the Germans comes. They stay in the club and Howard starts to talk about his history and after that that he wanted to go away out of England and go to France for a fishing trip. Here the real story begins.

With trouble he came in the Jura. He checkes in in a Hotel where he had been before. He does not want to meet the English persons in the hotel (the Cavenagh's). But when he meets the wife he has a talk with her. Her husband is a Member of the Leage of Nations in Geneva. Then he makes a whistle for one of her two children. He didn't interested himself in the war at all. Then he thinks of going home. Mr. Cavenagh asks him to bring the children whit him to England so he and his wife can go to Geneva wich he thinks will be invaded by the Germans. Howard agrees in that after a while. The children, Sheila and Ronald, are exited by the idea of going whit a train. The next day they leave to the station.

In the train a woman makes probles about Sheila being ill. He goes to a hotel and books a room to let Sheila rest for some days. A medic looks at Sheila and says she is fevrish, so she should rest some days. Rose, a doughter of the femme de chambre, looks after Sheila while Howard goes to find his lost suitcase. Howard gets an offer to go whit a motor-car farther on his journey but he says no to it becouse of Sheila. Later he tries to get a car, but there is no one left. Then the femme de chambre gets fired and she asks Howard to take Rose to her father in England, Howard agrees after thinking (Rose could be handy in looking after Sheila and Ronnie).

They continue by train. Rose loses her hat and coat. The train stops at Joigny and did not go farther, so Howard couldn't get to Paris as he had hoped. The continue by bus, wich stops after a few hours of travveling becouse of an tire, then there is a German bombing raid on the road and the bus gets hit so they have to go on by foot. After a while the come to an place where another bombingraid has been and they find a boy who has lost his parents. He says nothing and they deside to take him whit them. In a farm they find a pram so most of the kids can sit on it while some are pushing. Howard makes a whistle for Piere, that's the name of the new boy.

They go and sleep in a farm by paying the owners. It causes a little trouble because they are English (left France at Dunkirke). The next morning they pay for dejuner. When walking again they meet English Air Force men on their way to Brest. They agree in taking Howard and the kids whit them a while. On a moment the have little feul left. In a town Howard asks for a feul station. There is one and the find feul in old cars so they can go on a while. The kids find a little child being made out for German spie by the locals. Howard decides to take him too. It is a Dutch one (they found out later). When the soldiers are almost out of feul again they can't find another fuel depot, so Howard goes on by himself. Then he sees the Englis truck blow up.

They walk into Angerville, which is, as a great chock to Howard, occupied by the Germans. The Germans are very nice and give the kids food and the Dutch one new clothes. On a moment, while shopping, Howard lost sight of Ronnie, who was gone to the Germans to see their tanks. Howard thinks he will betray them being English by speaking English, but nothing happens. The walk along and sleep in a farm. Here he thinks of a relative in Chartres. He goes there to speak whit the man. But when arriving only the daugther (Nicole) and his wife are there.

Nicole gives them food. He finds out there are no boats to England anymore. He tells them he wants to bring Pierre and Willem (as the kids foud out the Dutch's name) to his sister in the USA. Howard discussed a way to get out of France by going whit a Breton fisherman. Then they leave with Nicole to Rennes by train. Howard finds out that Nicole was a big friend of his son John, who was killed in the Royal Air Force as a pilot, she had even wanted to marrie him. The go in a refugees camp.

After sleeping a night there the go by train for Brest. They go out in Landerneau in order to go to Mr. Arvers. He is rich and has a Polish Jew, Marjan. Howard agrees in taking him to England too. In this chapter Howard and Nicole talked a lot about John.

Mr. Arvers arranged the fled out of France, Howard had to pay for it. They had to go to a town, Lannilis, close to the coast whit some moves to distract the Germans and meet a fisher called Focquet who should take them to England. So they do. Nicole says she wants to stay in France to keep her mother. When they meet Focquet there comes a German in the cafe where they have met and asks if there are any British there. Sheila talks Englis to a German soldier and Howard has to show his passport. Now the Germans got him. The Germans put them in a prison. Howard and Nicole talk a lot about John in the night. The next morning after breakfast the are being questioned by the Germans. They ask Howard about a English Major Charenton he doesn't know. Then he tells them the whole story about his trip, but the Germans don't believe him. Then they put him in a room whit Charenton who seems to be an English spy to listen what they say. Then they take him to the Gestapo officer's room. He lets him see Charenton and a fire pelenton. He wants Howard to talk about his espionage affairs but he doesn't know what it is all about so the officer lets Charenton shoot.

Now Howard, Nicole and the kids get a good meal and may go in the garden to rest. Then Howard has to go to the Gestapo officer, Major Diessen. He asks Howard to take the daughter of his died brother to Amerika too unther treatning whit a gun. Howard agrees because he sees that this is the only way to go too England. Howard gets all his money back. They go by train and car to l'Abervrach. There they meet Focquet again, he will bring them to England. On their way they meet an English destroyer who sends them to Playmouth. There they were taken in a refugees camp. Then the story goes to the London club again, the bombing raid had been stopped, where Howard the I person tells that everything had become all right whit the kids. Then he leaves the building stepping on broken glass.

In the story there is a lot said in French.
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