Boekverslag : Julian Barnes - Before She Met Me
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 514 woorden.

Graham leads a life of traditions and rituals whilst he is married to Barbara. He teaches at a University and they have a daughter called Alice.

Then someone comes into his life that will change his whole lifestyle. At a mutual friends’ party, Graham meets a woman called Ann. She is very different to Barbara, she is not as `Housewife-ly’ as Barbara. Soon enough Graham finds himself in a relationship with Ann, and after half a year, Graham tells Barbara. Barbara is shocked and as soon as it is known to Barbara, Graham leaves to marry Ann.

For about a year Graham and Ann are able to live a happy marriage, Graham only seeing his former wife through Alice. But on the usual day that Graham takes his daughter out, Graham finds out something about Ann he didn’t already know about her. In a movie Graham goes to see with Alice which was recommended to Alice by Barbara, Graham sees his wife committing adultery in a career she had as an actress before she met him.

Graham is interested in Ann’s past. He talks to Ann enthusiastically about it and wants to know all about Ann’s `former life’. Soon this interest turns into an obsession, Graham drives all over London to see the movies Ann played a role in. If he were asked, Graham would be able to sum up all the men Ann had had an affair with, including all the details. But when Graham finds out that these relationships not only existed on-screen, but also off-screen, this obsession turns into jealousy. Not the usual jealousy , also nightmares.

It is at this point that Graham goes to Jack to help him. Jack, being a writer of well-sold-but not-saying-anything books, gives him advice that anyone could come up with, but that Graham truly appreciates. What Graham doesn’t know , is that Ann also goes to Jack quite frequently for advice on how to handle Graham. Another thing Graham doesn’t know, is tat the sexual relationship Ann had had with Jack before Graham married her, never ended and was still going on, which is another reason for Ann to visit Jack.

When Ann and Graham have a party at their own house, Graham notices Jack ‘laying an arm around her’, which Graham is not able to handle, which leads to him searching through Ann’s bookcase and finding , in novels written by Jack, descriptions of Jack making love to Ann. This is how Graham gets to know about Jack and Ann’s affair.

A few days later, whilst Graham is at Jacks house and stabs him more than once with a knife, after which Jack is left bleeding on the floor by Jack, Ann notices that Graham is staying away exceptionally long, she tracks him down, and when she in horror finds Jack dead on the floor she is not able to stop Graham from cutting deeply into his own throat.
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