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De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1900 woorden.


Sam & Jenny


John Rowe Townsend Chapter 1 Jenny

Jenny's friend Susan has got a camera and a photo album. Jenny wants that as well. But her father says that she can borrow his camera (a very big one) to get some experience, he doesn't want to buy an expensive camera for her yet. Susan and Jenny go to Brighton to take some photos. They don't have a nice time. In Brighton a boy walks towards Jenny and asks whether he can borrow her camera. He walks along with the girls and takes some photos. He takes the film home but promises to send Jenny her own photos.

Chapter 2 Sam

Sam enters a competition at his school, he has to take photos for a calendar. He borrows gear from his school but loses it. In Brighton he meets Jenny and borrows her camera for a while. He loses her address.

Chapter 3 Jenny

Jenny doesn't get her prints and sends Sam a postcard.

Chapter 4 Sam

The photography gear of the school isn't found. Elaine asks Sam out. She shows him her photos for the competition. She doesn't know he's participating. He thinks her pictures are very good. Sam gets Jenny's card and sends her her prints. He wants to meet her in Stratford to borrow the camera again.

Chapter 5 Jenny

Jenny gets her pictures. They go to Stratford together. Jenny thinks Sam is not interested in her but only in her camera.

Chapter 6 Sam

Sam and Jenny go to Stratford. It seems as if Jenny is not having a good time, but later on she's ok. Sam thinks Jenny only takes pictures of silly things. Jenny invites Sam to her home because her father wants to know who's after his Hasselblad and daughter.

Chapter 7 Jenny

Jenny wants to keep her pride and doesn't want to arrange another meeting with Sam, but later on she does. She finds it weird but she decides she likes him.

Chapter 8 Sam

Sam thinks he doesn't want to go and meet Jenny again but after a while he finds out he likes her. There's a man who needs photos for a newspaper, he wants Sam to take some more photos because he liked the ones Sam and Jenny made in Stratford, so Sam needs the Hasselblad again. He will do this on his birthday. His aunt invites Jenny for that day, she says she hopes she won't have to bring the camera this time, but Sam says he wants her and the camera.

Chapter 9 Jenny

Jenny does like Sam but not all that much. She goes to his birthday, with the camera, and gives him tips on what photos to take. Sam's aunt and Jenny really like each other. Sam and Jenny kiss but Jenny doesn't find it spectacular.

Chapter 10 Sam

Sam becomes quite popular because of the pictures he took for the newspaper. Elaine is ill and Sam visits her. She asks him to take her to the lab.

Chapter 11 Jenny

Jenny and Sam get to know each other better. Jenny thinks about him a lot. Her father praises his photos and her parents want him to come over.

Chapter 12 Sam

Jenny phones Sam but Sam isn't home. Auntie takes the phonecall and promises Jenny that Sam will call her back to arrange a time and place. Sam is angry with Auntie, he doesn't want to see Jenny. Elaine phones Sam and asks whether he asked the newspaper if they can visit the lab yet. She also asks him out to the movies. Sam and Elaine can visit the lab at the day of Sam's appointment with Jenny. Sam cancels that appointment.

Chapter 13 Jenny

Jenny doesn't want to force Sam. He phones her and says he doesn't have any time, but he promises to call back. Jenny is a little depressed Sam isn't coming.

Chapter 14 Sam

Sam prefers Elaine over Jenny and goes to the newspaper's lab with her. The director falls for Elaine, which Sam doesn't like, but Elaine calmly tells him they're not dating yet. Sam wants to put things right with Jenny.

Chapter 15 Jenny

Sam calls Jenny, he wants to come over. Jenny's parents and grandparents seem to like him very much. Sam and Jenny go for a walk and kiss. Everyone likes the pictures and they ask Sam to come again.

Chapter 16 Sam

Sam really likes Jenny. He finds out that the pictures he wanted to enter the competition with are useless because Jenny's father put the wrong film in the camera. He wants to take new pictures and asks Jenny to go with him, he wants Jenny and her camera. He sees and advertisement in the papers for 'the boy who left the camera' and he gets the school camera back, but he decides not to inform Jenny because she'd think he wouldn't need her to come anymore.

Chapter 17 Jenny

Jenny meets Susan's boyfriend who is also into photography. She sees the advertisement in the paper but she doesn't tell Sam. She's looking forward to their trip to York together.

Chapter 18 Jenny

They have a wonderful day in York. They enjoy their time together, visit lots of places, make lots of pictures. She likes York and the fact she's there with him. Things get pretty romantic.

Chapter 19 Jenny

Sam and Jenny tell each other about the advertisement and their fear the other one wouldn't see any point in meeting anymore at the same time. Jenny's mother notices Jenny loved both York and being there with Sam. Sam phones Jenny and tells her he lost the bag with the film. He doesn't want to enter the competition with the Stratford pictures so they go out together again.

Chapter 20 Sam

Sam feels stupid about losing the pictures but they have a nice day. Jenny selects the pictures to enter the competition, Sam doesn't dare to do it. Sam wins the competition and Elaine ends up second, she doesn't seem jealous though.

Chapter 21 Jenny

Sam phones Jenny and tells her he won.

Chapter 22 Sam

The man at the newspaper's lab is very happy for Sam, but he has bad news; the job promised to the winner is given to Elaine. Sam is very angry about it, he really wanted the job.

Chapter 23 Jenny

Sam phones Jenny again and tells her about the job. Jenny feels sorry for him but tells him she thinks he wouldn't have liked it anyway. He tells her he has a present for her grandparents and says he'll visit them on Friday. Jenny's dad offers Sam a new job, but Sam doesn't take it because it isn't his style.

Chapter 24 Sam

Everyone seems to like Sam's visit and his present; one of the pictures he made of Jenny. He thanks Jenny for all her help and the great company. Chapter 25 Jenny Jenny's grandma tells her she likes Sam's present and Sam and that she'll see him again.

Chapter 26 Sam

Sam forgets to ask Jenny whether she'd like another trip to York. He remember to do so on his way back.

Chapter 27 Jenny

Sam asks Jenny out to another trip to York, everyone is really happy for her and Jenny is really looking forward to it.


Jenny: She has got self-confidence (p13; I've got one..the picture by accident) She is quite patient (p12; first I took… a long time)

Sam: He's forgetful (p 16; the stuff I lost.. inside it & p 26) There he says "It's not like me to forget things.." but he does forget things quite often. So he hasn't got a lot of self-knowledge.

Jenny's mom: She is kind and well-meaning (p 72; who is kind… to strangers)

Auntie Edith: She tells everything, even to strangers (p 72; pours out her heart to strangers) And on page 75 there's a full description on her.

Sam's point of view from chapters 12-14

I came home from my visit to Elaine and I knew I fancied her. Auntie Edith told me Jenny had rung to ask me to come over for a visit. I am grateful to Jenny for all she did and she is nice, but I don't need the camera anymore. Auntie told Jenny I'd come. I was so angry, I didn't want her to plan my life! I found myself stupid now; Jenny had been so nice to me, I didn't want to tell her I wouldn't be coming. Elaine asked me to take her to the Echo for a factory-tour. After we phoned once and had had a very nice talk I rang the Echo. I managed to plan it all; a tour and afterwards a pub-lunch. I was lucky and happy I got it all appointed and that Ken liked me. But I totally forgot that then I'd be seeing Jenny. Auntie doesn't like Elaine, she wants me to pay some more attention to my friendship with Jenny. She'd be furious if I'd tell her about the Echo-visit. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't postpone the Echo-visit; Elaine would be furious and I just didn't dare to ask Ken to change the date. It would have to be Jenny to let down. I didn't want to go to Kingston anytime anyway; and that really shocked me. I quite liked Jenny after all and I immediately rang her. Jenny seemed to be disappointed when I told her I wouldn't have any time for the rest of the term either. She asked if the camera from school was found yet and I think she thought I didn't want to come because I wouldn't need the camera anymore in the future. I felt like a jerk. When Elaine came, I didn't think of Kingston anymore. Ken was very enthusiastic when he saw me and Elaine entering his office. All the people liked Elaine and she was the centre of attention. Ken and Elaine were only talking to each other and not taking any notice of me at all. I thought I had made a big mistake by making the appointment. During the lunch I was not really joining their conversation I had bad luck: the others had taken the best seats; those next to Elaine. The conversation was just gossip about people at the Poly and the Echo. It mustn't have been interesting at all, but I tried to follow the conversation. Without any good results. So I turned my attention totally to Tom and after a while we got quite a nice conversation. I felt I was jealous when I saw the others having a good time with Elaine and Elaine enjoying her time with them as well. Derek and Elaine made an appointment together on the date Elaine and I should be going out. They asked me to come too but that just doesn't fit. So we didn't contact each other for the rest of the weekend. That Monday she was so bossy and bitchy to me, but fortunately I found Tim who was dumped by Elaine too. I felt delighted I got over Elaine and decided I had to put things right with Jenny as soon as possible.
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