Boekverslag : Jerzy Kosinski - Being There
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 377 woorden.

Summary of Being There

Chance is working in the garden, after finding out the old man has died, it's time for him to leave. Chance leaves the house. He is surprised that every- thing outside is like he has seen on television. When he crosses the street he is knocked down by a car. The lady in the car sees that Chance has hurt his leg and insist on his immediate care. She takes him back to her house, introduces herself as Elizabeth Eve, or EE. Chance introduces himself as 'Chance the Gardiner', but EE misunderstands him and calls him Chauncey Gardiner. EE introduces Chance to her husband. Mr and Mrs Rand like Chance because he is handsome, well-dressed, a bit mysterious and he listens very well. When they are at dinner, Mr Rand talks most of the time. When he asks Chance something, he answers Mr Rand with indirect language, by comparing everything with the garden. Mr Rand is very impressed by the way Chance talks, because he interprets everything he says into economical terms. And is fascinated by the way he compares things with the garden. When the President of the USA comes to seek Mr Rand for advice about the bad economic situation, he asks Chance what his views are. He starts talking about the garden. The president is very impressed by Chance optimistic view on the economy. After a speech in which he mentioned Chance name, Chance becomes a celebrity. He is asked for a television interview, his name is in the newspapers and people like him. When Chance goes to a United Nations reception together with EE, people see him as an important man. He talks to many diplomats of several countries. Chance is newspaper headlines the next day. He is invited for television. interviews and interviews in a lot of magazines. The secret services of many countries are trying to get more information about Chance, but they can't find anything about him. There is a growing pressure to choose a new candidate for the Vice Presidency. Chance name comes out as best. Everyone thinks it is a good choice, because it seems that he has nothing to hide. The story ends where is began, when Chance is in the garden.
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