Boekverslag : Jerzy Kosinski - Being There
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 319 woorden.

This book I would call a very humoristic psychological novel. It is written very well .The book seems very realistic ,but it could never happen in “real” live. That I think is one of the things that I like so much about the book, because it is a real unbelievable story, but when you read the book, all the situations become alive, just as if they were really happened or they could happen any time. The story is about a gardener, who has lived all his life with an old man in a very big house. This gardener who has never been to school or had any education, becomes in a short period of time an example for a whole country, with his short, but very to the point and easy to understand statements (for example: ”In a Garden Things grow…Gardens need allot of care, but if you love your garden and wait, than in the proper season you will surely see it flourish”) he steals the hart of many people in the U.S. who were used to listen to stories which took hours and still said nothing or not something any normal person could understand. This man who had his knowledge just from watching the television and from his experiences while working in the garden, who couldn’t even read, says things, so clear that for example the economic depression seemed a logic event.

I think the writer of this book has a marvelous fantasy and is very good in writing his fantasy down.

You really get in to the story and want to know what’s going to happen to the very sympatethic Chauncy Gardiner, so its not only written in a very humoristic, but also in a very thrilling way.

It’s nice how the writer writes the way people seem to accept a person who is in a hi position even when he isn’t smart or even educated.
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