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Pride and prejudice


At Longbourn lives a family, the Bennets. Mr and Mrs Bennet have five daughters: Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia. One day Mrs Bennet tells her husband, that finally someone is going to live at Netherfield park. It is a young man named Bingley, he is very rich, and is not married. Mrs Bennet wants her husband to visit Mr Bingley. She hopes that perhaps one of her daughters will marry him. (Because the first sentence of the book is: "it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."). Mr Bingley first teases his wife, he likes to do that very much. He says he doesn't want to visit Mr Bingley, but after he while he admits that he has already visited him.

At a ball some time later, Mr Bingley is also present. He has brought with him his two sisters, Miss Bingley and Mrs Hurst, Mr Hurst and his friend Mr Darcy, a handsome and rich young man. They soon discover that Mr Darcy is a very proud and unpleasant person. He doesn't like the people at the ball, he thinks they're below his rank. Mr Bingley, on the contrary likes the people at the ball very much, especially Jane Bennet. Jane likes Bingley very much too.

At another ball, Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance with him. Lizzy refuses, because at the other ball she accidentally heard Darcy saying to Bingley that he doesn't want to dance with any of the girls, except Bingleys sisters, and that he thinks that Eliza is 'tolerable', but not handsome enough. Later Darcy tells Miss Bingley that he now finds Elizabeth very handsome.

In Meryton a military regiment stays for the entire winter. Lydia and Kitty, two rather silly girls, are very happy with that. They like all the officers very much, and they visit them all the time. Jane is invited for dinner by Miss Bingley and Mrs Hurst. She goes on horseback. (an idea of her mother, because it is going to rain, so she can stay for the night.)(Mrs Bennet wants her daughter to marry Bingley) Because of the rain, Jane becomes ill. She has to stay at Netherfield for a while. Eliza, who is very fond of her sister, visits her, she also stays at Netherfield for a while. She doesn't really likes this period. Mrs Hurst and especially Miss Bingley are not really friendly towards Eliza and her family. (Mrs Bennet, Lydia and Kitty also come once) When Jane is no longer ill, Eliza is happy to leave Nteherfield.

Mr Collins, 25-year old clergyman and cousin of Mr Bennet, visits the Bennets. When Mr Bennet dies, he will become the owner of Longbourn (because Mr Bennet has no sons). He has come to Longbourn with the intention of marrying one of the Bennet girls. Mr Collins is a very disagreeable man. His patroness is Lady Catherine de Bourgh. (Darcy's aunt) He talks about her all the time, about how great she is.

One day when they're in town, they meet a new officer, Mr Wickham. It is a very handsome and nice man, Eliza likes him vey much. At the same time Bingley and Darcy arrive. Eliza sees that Darcy and Wickham behave very strange when they see each other. One day Wickham tells Eliza that he doesn't like Darcy. Darcy's father was his godfather. After the death of old Darcy, Wickham should inherit money from him, but Darcy refused to give him the money. Eliza dislikes Darcy even more now. Wickham also tells her that Darcy's sister, Georgiana, is very proud too. Wickham also doesn't come to a ball given at Netherfield, he wants to avoid Darcy. At that ball Lizzy reluctantly dances with Darcy, and Miss Bigley tells her that she shouldn't believe everything Wickham says.

Then Mr Collins asks Elizabeth to marry him, she refuses becaus she dislikes him very much. Her mother is angry with her, but her father is glad his daughter didn't marry him.

Jane receives a letter from Caroline Bingley, they all returned to London, and they don't know when or if they will be back. Jane is very sad, but Eliza comforts her by saying that she is sure that will come back soon, because she knows that Bingley likes Jane very much.

Some time after Mr Collins proposed to Eliza, he asks Eliza's best friend, Charlotte Lucas, to marry him. She accepts him, and Eliza is very shocked. Mr Gardiner (Mrs Bennet's brother) and his wife visit the Bennets. They stay at Longbourn for a week, and when they go back to London they take Jane with them. Charlotte and Mr Collins are now married and they're living in Mr Collins house now.

Jane visits Miss Bingley in London, and after a long time she finally visits Jane. She is not very nice to Jane anymore, and Jane is sure their friendship has ended now. Eliza discovers that Wickham isn't interested in her any more, he is now more interested in Miss King, who is very rich.

Lizzy, Sir William Lucas and Maria Lucas (father and sister of Charlotte) visit Mr and Mrs Collins. On their way they visit Jane in London, and Mrs Gardiner invites Lizzy to go to the lakes in the summer with her and Mr Gardiner. When they are at the Collins house, they frequently visit Lady Catherine de Bourgh, a very arrogant, proud and unpleasant woman. They also see Mr Darcy and another man, Colonel Fitzwilliam, often. Lizzy hears from the Colonel that Darcy is to blame for the separation of Jane and Bingley. Darcy didn't think that Jane was the right woman for his friend Bingley.

Then unexpectedly Darcy asks Eliza to marry him. He asks her in a very arrogant way and he insults Eliza's family. Eliza refuses him, because he destroyed her sister's happiness, and because of what he did to Wickham. The next day she receives a letter from him. He writes that he really thought that Jane didn't love Bingley, but he regrets that he didn't tell Bingely that Jane was in London. He also tells that what Wickham told her, is not true. Wickham tried to marry Georgiana Darcy, because of her money. Eliza is very ashamed of herself that she was so prejudiced.

They all go home, there Eliza hears from Lydia that Wickham is not going to marry Miss King. Eliza tells Jane about Wickham, and they decide that they're not going to reveal his true identity. Lydia recieves an invitation of Mrs Forster, the wife of the Colonel of the regiment, she asks if she wants to go to Brighton with them. Lydia is very happy, but Kitty is very jealous of her. Eliza thinks that Lydia should not go, because Lydia is a rather wild and silly girl, so she might do something stupid. But Lydia goes anyway. Eliza gets a letter from Mrs Gardiner, they don't have time enough to go to the Lakes, instead of that they will go to Derbyshire. Eliza feels a little disappointed, but she still looks forward to it.

When they're in Derbyshire, the Gardiners want to visit Pemberly, Darcy's house. First Lizzy doesn't want to go, but when she hears that Darcy is not home at the moment, she doesn't mind anymore. So they visit Pemberly, it is a very beautiful house. The housekeeper shows them round, and she also tells them about Mr Darcy. She says that he has always been very nice, she finds him a very agreeable man. Lizzy is very surprised about that. Then suddenly Mr Darcy arrives, Eliza is feels very ashamed. But Darcy is very nice to them. Darcy says that he wants to introduce her to his sister. So they meet Georgiana Darcy, she is a very shy, but kind girl, not at all proud. Darcy is still very nice and Eliza is very surprised by that.

Lizzy recieves two letters from Jane, with terrible news. Lydia and Wickham are on their way to Scotland, with the intention to marry. But in the second letter Jane writes that maybe they're not going to marry, and it is not certain they went to Scotland. Mr Forster is looking for them, but hasn't find them yet. He and Mr Bennet now will look for them in london. Jane asks Lizzy to come home immediately. When Eliza has finished the letters, Mr Darcy suddenly arrives. Lizzy tells him everything, he leaves very quickly. Lizzy thinks she will never see him again, because of the disgrace in her family. She regrets that very much, because she has started to feel completely differrent about him since she arrived in Derbyshire. When she is home again, everyone is very upset about what happened, especially Mrs Bennet. Lizzy feels guilty because she didn't tell anything about Wickhams wicked character. Mr Gardiner also goes to London to search for Lydia and Wickham. They still can't find them, and after a while Mr Bennet returns home. Now they also find out that Wickham has debts everywhere.

Then Mr Bennets recieves a letter from Mr Gardiner. He has found them, and they are going to marry. Mr Bennet only has to pay a little money, and he worries about how he's going to pay Mr Gardiner back. After their wedding, they pay a visit to Longbourn. Eliza is sure that their marriage is not going to be a very happy one. When they're talking, Lydia accidentally tells (she wasn't allowed to say it) that Mr Darcy was at their marriage. Lizzy is very astonished, she writes a letter to Mrs Gardiner for an explanation. She gets a letter back from her. She writes that Darcy he visited Mr Gardiner, because he knew where Lydia and Wickham were, and he talked to them. He tried to persuade Lydia not to marry Wickham, but she did not listen. Darcy was the one who payed Wickham to marry Lydia. Darcy said that he did all this because he knew Wickham's true identity, but told nobody. Eliza is very surprised about all this. She hopes that Darcy did all this for her, but she is not sure. She doesn't know how she could ever do something in return. Mr and Mrs Wickham leave, they're going to live in Newcastle.

Bingley returns to Netherfield for several weeks. He and Darcy visit the Bennets often. After a while Bingley asks Jane to marry him. She says yes, and they're very happy.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh visits the Bennets, she wants to talk to Lizzy. Lady Catherine says that she has heard that Eliza would marry Mr Darcy. She doesn't want that to happen, because actually her daughter should be marrying Darcy, they had decided that when they were just born. She also thinks it will be a digrace if they will marry, because of Lizzy's family, connections and money. Lizzy tells her doesn't care about what Lady Catherine says, and Lady C. leaves angrily. Then Mr Bennet calls for Lizzy, he received a letter of Mr Collins, he writes that he has heard Lizzy and Darcy are going to marry, and also says that they should not do that.

Bingley and Darcy visit them, and they all (Bingley, Darcy, Jane and Elizabeth) go for walk. Darcy and Lizzy walk together, and then Lizzy says that she is very grateful for what he has done. Darcy admits that he did all this for her. Lizzy now tells Darcy that her feelings for him are the opposite of what she thought of him before. Darcy asks her to marry him again, and now she says yes. When she tells Jane about her engagement to Darcy, she is very surprised, but also very happy for her. Mr Bennet first can't believe it, but when his daughter says she really loves him, he thinks it's alright.

When they're all married, Mr and Mrs Darcy are going to live at Pemberly, and they are very happy, Jane and Bingley too. The marriage of Lydia and Wickham is not very happy, they never have enough money.
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