Boekverslag : Jane Austen - Pride And Prejudice
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Jane Austen, Pride and prejudice, 1813

I think the story is easy in some aspects, but difficult in others. It is easy because not many things take place. They write each other letters, have dinner together, visit each other and go to balls at each others houses. But the story gets difficult because there are a lot of people and names. You have for example Mr and Mrs Bennet who have five daughters, Mr Bingly and his two sister and lots and lots more. The language also is a bit old-fashioned, which doesn't make the book easier to read either. Luckily the story is told chronologically, but it is a bit confusing that you step in the middle of a conversation at the first page of the book.

In my opinion the title is well chosen, because there is pride and/or prejudice in all the persons in the book. Take Mr Darcy for instance, he is to pride to like Elizabeth because she doesn't have such a high status as he does. Elizabeth has prejudice. She thinks she can have everything the way she wants it, and therefore rejects Mr Collins, who wants to marry her, even though he inherits all Mr Bennets ownings if he dies.

It struck me that Elizabeth is so very stubborn. She does whatever she wants and doesn't let anyone keep her from that. For instance if she can't get the carriage, she will walk.

The main characters do develop. Elizabeth and Mr Darcy get closer to each other during the story. And Charlotte gets herself to marry Mr Collins after all.

I can't identify with one of the characters. The story is mostly about love and it is obviously written in another age as we now live in. Things like love are being dealt with in other ways now. And social class isn't as important anymore as it was then.

I disapprove Charlotte Lucas marrying Mr Collins while she doesn't love him. She just marries him for the marrying, not because of him. I think it's stupid to do so, because now she's stuck to him for life, and I don't think it's very easy to live with someone you don't love for lifetime. I myself would never do such a thing, but it was of course more necessary in that time then it now is.

I am satisfied with the ending of the story. The story ends the way stories have to end. They all get each other and live happily ever after, The way it's supposed to be.

I wouldn't recommend this book to others. The book has a lot of pages and it doesn't read easily because it's so boring, so it takes ages to finish it. The story isn't very good or deep either. Maybe it was very good and modern in it's own time, but not anymore.
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