Boekverslag : Jack London - Moonface
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 662 woorden.

The story

What is the title of the story and who wrote it?

Moonface - Jack London

The background of the story

Can you find out from the story where and when it takes place?

It took place in London.

Can you also give some information about the story's characters? Do they belong to a certain social group, for example?

John Claverhouse is a very happy man with a everlasting smile.

Is the background important to the story?

Yes, John's background is important to the story, because that's what the story is about.

The genre of the story

What sort of story do you feel it is?

Is it, for example, a romance, a war novel, an adventure story, a whodunnit, horror, science fiction? Explain your views and also indicate whether - in your opinion - the story is realistic or not.

The story is a tall tale. The story could be realistic.

The characters

Who are the most important characters in the story? Describe no more than three of them. Use a maximum of 50 words.

I and John Claverhouse.

Is there a character in the story you would like to get to know if it were possible? Why?

I don't think that i would like to know one of these two guys. Because John is too happy with hiself and the other is a murderer.

Is there a character in the story you would prefer not to meet? Why not?

Yes, the I-person, because he is a murderer.

A summary of the story's events

Take another look at the beginning and the end of the story. Describe what happens in between. Use a maximum of 100 words.

John has a moon-face and is always smiling with an irritating laugh and the I-person hates him because of that. He hates him so much that he wants to kill John. But not in a way he could regret later. That's why he buys a dog. He learns him to run after a stick he throws. Then runs away and the dog has to run after him with the stick. Then, when John goes fishing one day, the I-person follows him with the dog. John throws a stick of 'giant'into the water to dynamite the fish. But the dog thinks it is a stick he has to catch and runs after it. Then he runs with the 'giant' after John. The dynamite explodes, the dog and John are gone for good. The judge sais it was just an accident that happend while illegal fishing. And the I-person had nothing to be ashamed of.

The title

Do you feel that the title of the story was well-chosen? Or would you have chosen another title? Wich title and why?

Yes, because John is going to be killed because of his moon-face.

Your personal opinion

Did you enjoy reading the story? What did you like about it? What did you find less enjoyable?

No, it was much too difficult to understand, because I didn't know the fishing terms.

Have you ever read another story that you can compare to this one?


Explain why you would recommend the story or advise someone against reading it?

I would recommend the story to someone if he has that typical sense of humor and if he knows smething about fishing. If he hasn't both of these things, I would advise him not to read the story.

Did you learn anything from the story that you didn't already know?

Yes, that you can fish by exploding a piece of dynamite in the water and killing the fish.

Optional assignments

John has a laugh I cannot see

I always shake when he's with me

I want him sad

I want him dead

So I will know what life can be.

I'll buy a dog that has to run

And thinks his game is just for fun

To gain my wish

John has to fish

That's muche more pleasant than a gun!
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