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Over the Moon


Elissa Haden Guest


Kate's sister, Mattie, was sixteen when she ran away from home leaving Kate and her brother Jay behind. They lived with their aunt, Georgia. At first when Mattie still was at home she always spend for hours at her room. But when Dean came, she changed completely. Aunt Georgia even thought Dean was no good for her and then she ran away.

It was Kate's birthday when she was taking a walk, because her friend Celia. Georgia and Jay were making a birthdaymeal for her. She found a letter from Will in the mailbox. Will had been Mattie's boyfriend for two years and Kate had always loved him. Will moved to New York for studying and Kate missed him.

Kate worked in the shop by aunt Georgia, but during the last time she felt someway lonely and wanted to see Will. Then she told Georgia she and Jay were going to visit Will for a weekend.

Kate and Jay were on their way to New York. They remind some things of their parents what they know from them and about their house where they have lived and about what they intended to visit these days.

The have met Will and they all loved it to see each other again, especially Kate. Then she remembered things about when she met Will for the first time. That time he and Mattie were really in love with each other.

When Will was going back to work after they had lunched they went over to visit Andy. He was an old friend of the family. He gave them an old picture of their parents before they were going to marry.

Then they went to their old house, were they lived when their parents were alive. Their parents have died by a car accident. By seeing the house the felt sad. Jay and Kate held each other. He would never leave her like Mattie did.

They had had a wonderful time spending with Will. He lived on a ship and the first night he and Kate have had a talk alone. The day after they shopped and Will gave Kate silver earrings. That night they went to a party and Kate slowdanced with Will. The last day Will and Kate had a walk and then Will told her that he is still dreaming of Mattie and that he thinks their friendship is very special, but he isn't in love with her.

Kate has been crying for a week and then she told it to Georgia what happened. A day in August Celia was with Kate and Kate thought she might be in love with Jay about the way she goes along with him. Kate talked with Celia again about Will and she told her to forget him.

Kate has got a package from Mattie since four years. Mattie had made a jacket for her and with it was a letter. She wrote she had dreamed about her and that she missed her. Jay and Kate decided not to tell Georgia about it cause it would hurt her. Kate went to Mattie's old room and read things Mattie had written one time and looked at her photo's. In Mattie's dairy Mattie had written she had been thinking about leaving.

When Kate jumped one day of a rock into the water she got ill. She thought about Mattie and cried about her, just as she did when Mattie had left. She thought about seeing her.

Kate had made a phone call to Mattie and then Kate wanted to visit her but Georgia didn't want her too and even jay thought it was no good idea. But she was going too, because she wanted to see Mattie. At some way she loved her although she had left them.

She was on her way to see Mattie. Celia had put her on the bus. Kate hadn't told Georgia she would go so she wrote her a letter.

When she came in Boston she had to wait four hours to take the bus to Maine. When she sat at the station talking with a nice boy, Max, she find out her wallet was stolen. The looked everywhere and then she realised a lady who she bumped in could have stolen it. When she had tried to phone home and no one picked up she decided to go along with max and his sister, Lindsey, to their home and then they would lend her some money so she could get a bus and take the rest of the way from there.

They were on their way to Max and Lindsey's home.

When she was at their cabin she called Mattie to tell she would come a day later. Mattie told aunt Georgia had called her and had asked for her. Kate would leave the day after and before she left she went canoeing with Max.

When Max would drive her to the busstation, the car battery was dead. Later when he finally had the car start by help of a neighbour of him Kate had missed the bus. Now she had to wait until tomorrow but Max said he would drive her all the way to the place from where she would take the boat to Mattie.

When they were on their way they stopped for a moment at a fair. They had a great time and they had long talks and Kate began to like him very much.

When they came in the town they first walked around and then decided to get some sleep, they laid together in a sleeping bag so they got warm.

From Bar Harbor she would take the boat and Kate and Max had to say goodbye to each other. They told each other they really liked each other and kissed… They gave each other their address and then Kate had to leave.

When she was at the boat and looked in her knapsack she saw Max's shirt, she had put it in her knapsack cause she told him she liked it. Then she wrote in her dairy she loved him and realised that the way she felt for Max now, she had never felt for Will all the years.

When she saw her sister they put their arms on each other and Kate started to cry. Mattie showed Kate a surprise, she had made a baby of ten months. Her name was Katherine but Mattie called her always Kit. And she also told Dean had left her. They drove to Mattie's house.

Kate and Mattie had long talks and they were both very happy to see each other. Kate rang Georgia to tell her she was okay and said sorry if she had hurt her.

The day after Kate had arrived they did a lot of things together and had a great time. Kate liked the baby very much. But at the evening they started to argue about some things of the past and Kate thought Mattie hadn't changed, she thought she would always be selfish and for a moment Kate thought about leaving.

They had made up their quarrel and Kate asked her why she didn't come back home, but Mattie said her life was here at Nove Scotia.

The days after they got very close and Kate kept asking her to come home and finally Mattie said yes!

When they came home Georgia was very glad to see Kate again and then she saw Mattie standing there with her baby, they put their arms around each other and both started to cry and also Jay was glad to see both back. And then when Kate looked at the mail, she found a letter from Max. He wrote her he missed her and that he had become crazy about her and Kate knew she felt the same………


Kate: she is a girl of sixteen years old who had lost her parents and her sister Mattie, had left her a couple of years ago. So she and her brother Jay, lived with their aunt Georgia. When she had heard something from Mattie she wanted to visit her and at the end of her journey she had discovered a great deal about herself and had reunited the family.

Jay: he's Kate older brother and he didn't want Kate to visit Mattie cause he hated her for leaving them. But at the end of the story Mattie was back he was glad to see her.

Mattie: she had left Kate and Jay with her boyfriend cause she wanted to do what she wanted. Kate thought she was a bit selfish.

Aunt Georgia: she took care of Matte, Jay and Kate when their parents died. She was a very sweet aunt.

Celia: she was Kate's best friend. Kate could trust her and they spend very often time together.


Kate and Jay lived with their aunt Georgia in Massachusetts in the U.S.A. They also drove one time to New York and Kate set off to Nove Scotie to find Mattie and she had also been in New Hampshire with Max.


It's about the relationship between Kate and her family.
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