Boekverslag : Daphne Du Maurier - Rebecca
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 857 woorden.




Daphne du Maurier


The story teller(Mrs. De Winter) is Maxim (Maximilian)De Winter's second wife. She met him in Monte Carlo in France, where she was working as a companion for Mrs. Van Hopper. She felt immediately in love with him, later they got married. After their honeymoon in Italy they went back to England to Manderley, Maxim's big house at sea. Soon the story teller realised that the shadow of her husband's first wife Rebecca was stile in Manderley. Mrs.Danvers, the housekeeper, was a strange woman. She seemed to hate the new Mrs. De Winter, because she had worshipped Rebecca. Rebecca had been drown in sea. When Rebecca's name was mentioned, everyone suddenly changed as if they reluctant to talk about her. Even Frank Crawley, Max's agent and Beatrice (Max's sister), were reluctant to talk about Rebecca. The soft Max also changed if something happened connected with his first wife. Little by little Mrs. de Winter learned something more about Rebecca. She saw Rebecca's fully furnished cottage and there she met Ben, the old fool (harmless)men. Mrs.Danvers gave Mrs. De Winter advice to wear a special dress,copied of a painting in the hall, during the fancy-dress party, which was nearly. At the party everyone was astonished and Max was really angry. Later Mrs. De Winter heard that Rebecca had been wearing the same dress during her last fancy-dress party at Manderley. The day after the party a big steamer got wrecked in Manderley's bay and a diver was sent down to explore the harm. He discovered Rebecca's boat with a body in it on the bottom of the bay. Captain Searle came down to Manderley with the news and when Max heard what happened, he told his wife everthing (the truth about Rebecca's death).The truth is that he killed Rebecca. He was happy when he married her but later he realized that his marriage had failed because Rebecca wasn't the women he thought to be. Besides her enterainments (having unfair with other men). She had a lot of lovers. One of them was a real cousin of her, Jack Favell. She sometimes spent months in London and No -one know where. She also spent nights in her cottage with her lovers. She was playing jokes with Max and pulling scorn on him. On a dark stormy night, Max went to her cottage to warn her about her enterainments. Then Rebecca said awful things to him and in his angryness, he shot her. Rebecca had told him that she was pregnant of one of her lovers and that Max was obliged to take care of the child. She was also amused that the child of another man would inherit Manderley and all his possession. Max put the body in the boat and let it sank in the bay. After 2 months when the police fished a body up. Max told them that he regonized the dead body as his wife. In reality it wasn't Rebecca's body. After Max had finished his story ,the story teller still loves him. Everything has been cleared up between them. The next morning Max identified the dead body as Rebecca's. He had to go to an inquiry. Mrs.De Winter was frightened, because she was deeply in love with this soft man,who had suffered so much. The inquiry was very tiresome for Max, because he had to know what he was saying. Inspector Welch and Colonel Julyan asked him a lot of questions. The situation became critical when the boatbuilder James Tabb said that this boat was a very strong one and that in his opinion the holes were made into the boat by somebody with a tool and not by the rocks. They came to the decision that Rebecca had killed herself. But while the storyteller, Max and Frank were at Manderley. Jack Favell arrived. he said that he waited to be paid because he knew that Max was the murderer. Max refused to pay and phoned for Colonel Julyan. When the Colonel heard Jack's story he was surprised and wouldn't believe Max. Old ben and also Mrs.Danvers where called to prove that Favell was right But nothing got cleaner. After a little inquiry they found out that Rebecca had paid a visit to a Doctor.(DR.Baker),while she was in London. There they discovered that a Mrs.Danvers had visited Dr. Baker so Rebecca had taken a false name. Dr. Baker told them that Rebecca was terrible ill and that her illness was in a difficult situation. Everybody was astonished, because nobody has ever knew of this before. Now Max know that Rebecca hadn't really been pregnant and she had told him so, because she knew that she was going to die. She didn't like to suffer longer, so she used Max to kill herself. Tired and exhausted the Mr. and Mrs. De Winter set of for Manderley.During a phone call with frank,Max heard that Mrs. Danvers had left Manderley. When they arrived, they saw that Manderley was on fire. It was done by Jack Favell. Mr. and Mrs. De Winter left England and went abroad to forget all about the past.
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