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The setting of the novel

Jane Eyre is a novel that is set in the Victorian ace.

Elements of the attitude of life in the Victorian ace are: conservatism, complacentism, strict decency values, sensibility, humourlessness and piously. Those elements return in the book.

Jane Eyre has been placed in a charity school because she could not life with her aunt anymore. In former days charity schools were popular of the strict and prior way they rased orphans to decent adults. (pg.82)

At the charity school the director is very strict and lives up to very strict values. The girls in the charity school all have little caps on their heads once Jane took a girl's cap of her head to look at the girl's beautiful curly hair when the director came in the classroom. He punished them by shaving their heads boldly. (pg.96)

When Jane was recovered and worked as a teacher, John asked her to go with him to India, because she would make a perfect missionary's wife. (pg.436)

In the Victorian ace a lot of catholic people went to other continents as a missionary, to convert the inhabitants to the catholic faith.

The story takes place near to a village called Millcote. (pg.160) The name Millcote is mentioned several times, but the place were Thornfield is build is not mentioned at all.

Jane's aunt lives in Gateshead, about a hundred miles from Thornfield. Jane returns there for the first time since she left to Lowood institution, the charity school, because she had received a letter that her aunt is very ill. (pg.251)

One thing we know for sure, the story is set in England. his meditated departure from England (pg.303)

A guy named Hope sad to Mr. Rochester: Go and live again in Europe.... You may take the maniac (his first wife, Bertha Mason) with you to England. (pg.336)

The genre

The novel I have read is an autobiographic novel, because a lot events actually happened to Charlotte Brontë. She wrote on the title page of the first edition; Jane Eyre; An autobiography.

Charlotte describes in Jane Eyre her own live. She also lost her mother and her father was a quiet man. She went out to her second boarding-school at the age of 15.

Writing the book Jane Eyre give Charlotte Brontë the change to express herself and to cope with her miserable childhood, in which she lost two sisters.

Three important events

The day Jane arrived at Lowood institution

The time Jane spent at Lowood, made her to the young woman that she is when she leaves, to apply for a job as a governess at Thornfield.

She does not easily shows her feelings, sometimes it seems she has no

feelings at all.

The discovering of Bertha Mason

Jane was going to marry to Mr. Rochester, but when Mr. Mason arrived at the church and explained that Mr. Rochester could not marry Jane, because he was already married to Bertha mason, Jane's decency values well up. She decided that she had to leaf Thornfield and never return.

The return of Jane

When Jane left John and his sister to look for Mr. Rochester and heard that Thornfield was burned down, she panicked. She found Mr. Rochester with blind and burned, Bertha Mason was dead. Jane swore she would never leave Mr. Rochester again. They married and got children.

The ending of the novel

I would not like the novel beter, when it would have had a different ending. By an other ending I mean; Jane never saw Thornfield and Mr. Rochester again. Even the fact that Mr. Rochester got burned ads something to the book. It makes the love between Jane and Mr. Rochester more realistic.
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