Boekverslag : Annette C. Klause - The Silver Kiss
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 821 woorden.

The story

What is the title of the story and who wrote it? The silver kiss - Annette Curtis Klause

The background of the story

Can you find out from the story where and when it takes place?

It takes place in London in this century.

Can you also give some information about the story's characters? Do they belong to a certain social group, for example?

Simon is born in a very rich family, but that is a long time ago, now he's not rich anymore but a vampire just as his brother. Zoë is a girl from a very happy family, but now her mother is dying, it has all become different.

Is the background important to the story?


The genre of the story

What sort of story do you feel it is?

Is it, for example, a romance, a war novel, an adventure story, a whodunnit, horror, science fiction? Explain your views and also indicate whether - in your opinion - the story is realistic or not. It is a romance. It is a very realistic story although a big part of it could never happen.

The characters

Who are the most important characters in the story?

Describe no more than three of them. Use a maximum of 50 words. Zoë: Her mother has cancer and her best friend is moving. Zoë does almost never eat and is very unhappy. Untill she meets a boy who has lost his parents too and is very lonely too. They understand each other and she wants to care for him.

Simon: He is a vampire and i about 300 years old. But he looks like a boy of 17 years. His brother Christopher, who looks six, is a vampire too and has killed his mother. Simon want to take revenge on his brother.

Christopher: He always plays a little boy who is lost. People will go with him too look for his home. And at that moment, he killes them and drinks their blood.

Is there a character in the story you would like to get to know if it were possible? Why?

Yes, Zoë, she's very brave and strong. But she's very lonely too and she needs somebody now everyone is going.

Is there a character in the story you would prefer not to meet? Why not?

Christopher, he is a freek with no feelings and killes people with cruelty.

A summary of the story's events

Take another look at the beginning and the end of the story. Describe what happens in between. Use a maximum of 100 words.

Zoë's mother lies in the hospital with cancer. Zoë is not allowed come to visit her mother and her dad is always in the hospital. Zoë feels very lonely. Then she meets Simon in the park. He is lonely too and she doesn't know why, untill he tells her he is a vampire. He is after his brother Christopher because he has killed his mother and Zoë is going to help him. But in the mean time, they are falling in love together, although they both know they can never be together…

The title

Do you feel that the title of the story was well-chosen? Or would you have chosen another title? Wich title and why?

I think it is well-chosen, because it describes love, but still there is something mysterious about it and it makes you curious. Just like the story.

Your personal opinion

Did you enjoy reading the story?

What did you like about it? What did you find less enjoyable?

I loved the story!! One chapter was seen through the eyes of Zoë, the other one through Simon's. That makes it very exciting because you want to know what they have to do with each other.

Have you ever read another story that you cn compare to this one?

Yes, Gezicht in de mist is also written whith two different prsons with two different lives who wandering into each others story.

Explain why you would recommend the story or advise someone against reading it?

I would recommend the story because it never holds you fom reading it, your feelings are being incited. You are really part of the story.

Did you learn anything from the story that you didn't already know?

I knew it allready, but I didn't realize it; how a family with a sick person can neglect their child so much and never aske her what she wants and what she feels. Not even look after her anymore or care for her. And doing all this without realizing.

Optional assignments


Always walking

Always running

Always sleeping

But never live

Always hunting

Always eating

Always drinking

But never satisfied

Always burning

Always freezing

Always shaking

But never dead


Always laughing

Always joking

Always pretending

Wanna live

Always crying

Always protesting

Always fighting

But never enough

Always sleeping

Always resting

Always exhausted

Almost dead
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