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The Granite Beast

Author:Ann Coburn

Wolters Noordhoff, Groningen: Young Blackbirds (1998 No1.)

Genre: Thriller, Gothic novel


Ruth is 15 years old and lives together with her mother in a small village called Cornwall.

Her father died eight months ago.

Ben is the best friend of Ruth but he is the loser of the village.He helps Ruth solving her problem.

Debbie is in Ruth’s class , she is popular but jealous of Ruth because she’s from the big city.

Alison is a friend of Ruth.

Tracey helps Ruth during her first days at school.

Mr Edwards is the mentor of Ruth.

The book is told by the writer and it takes place in a town called Cornwall.

The problem of Ruth is that she has nightmares of something that is going to happen and she has got to save the village.

Ruth and her mother have just moved to Cornwall and since than Ruth suffers from nightmares

(They have moved because her father died and he always wanted to live in Cornwall).

Ruth thinks that her dreams are some kind of warning; may be something terrible would happen in Cornwall.

From the very first beginning of school Ruth has been bullied by Debbie.

A teacher talks about Ruth’s loneliness with Mr. Edwards. Debbie asks Ruth to go to the disco, but she doesn’t go and is bullied because she wants to make her homework. The nightmares become worse and in her dreams she hears voices. She meets a boy (Ben), who says he goes through her dreams (telepathy).

Ruth doesn’t want to believe him in the beginning but when they meet when Ruth had nightmares again she believe’s him. Together they try to solve the problem.

Ruth gets a dog-named Rusty. When she lets Rusty out, she meets Allison. She is also at Ruth’s school and that is how she hears that Debbie is jealous of Ruth. Allison talks to Debbie and she brings Debbie and Ruth together. Ruth has another nightmare and the voices in her dream say that everyone will die. Ruth talks to Ben when Debbie passes by and she makes sure that Ben is beat up. Ruth apologizes to Ben. Ben says he knows what kind of nightmare she has got. They decide to look for the place where she is dreaming of.

Debbie and Allison find out that Ruth has been seeing Ben and they don’t talk with her anymore and start bullying her again. When Ruth gets another nightmare, she tries to recognize the people but it’s to dark.

Ruth, Ben and Rusty spend a week with the uncle of Ben in the hope they recognize the dreams. And there they fall in love.

The nightmares are getting worse and more often there’s a beast in her dream. Ruth hasn’t been much careful lately for Rusty and that makes her worried.

Ruth and Ben get some books from the library about ghosts, legends and unsolved mysteries with the hope they find something about her dreams.

When Ruth is letting Rusty out in the fog she sees white figures coming after her. Rusty is attracted by them, the temptation is too big and he follows them. He jumps from the rocks into the deep.

Ruth is getting nuts from all these mysterious things. The doctor has been called and when he arrives it appears he is Debbie’s father. He tells Debbie how upset Ruth is and the next day the whole school knows about it. Ruth leaves her house in the middle of the night and walks towards the rocks and tries to call up the ghosts. Ben has a misgiving and he goes after Ruth. He takes her safely home.

Ruth and Ben read every night in the books and they discover a legend.

They find out that Ruth has predictable dreams. Underneath the village is a hole mine- and tunnelsystem and in there shelter echoes from hundred years old.

From school there is a trip to the tunnels. Ruth tries to warn everyone, but no one listens. At first she doesn’t wants to go, but she goes because she wants to protect them.

Ben follows the group at a distance. Previously Ruth and Ben studied the plans, so they know the way exactly. When they are in the tunnels the walls begin to shake and they fall in. They climb with a rope Ruth has brought with her to above. When they smell grass, they follow the smell and so they find their way out. Everyone is saved, thanks to Ruth.

Ben is rescued by rescueworkers and only has a dislocated shoulder.

Why did I chose this book?

I have chosen this book because I like thrillers and there wasn’t much choise, it was the only book I liked a little bit.

Own opinion

I liked the book because it was about mysterious things.

Sometimes the book was difficult to read and then I dindn’t understand what was happening so I had to read the part over. The end is exciting because you hope they make it out of the tunnel.


The theme is friendship, because Ruth is friends with Ben and even though Ruth is bullied because she is friends whit Ben, their friendschip stays.

When Ruth and Ben are at Ben’s uncles house they fall in love.

Together Ruth and Ben solve the problem..

I don’t like the theme very much, because it sometimes can be boring, but not allways.
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