Boekverslag : Agatha Christie - Sparkling Cyanide
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1. Agatha Christie, sparkling cyanide, Pan books Ltd,1977. First published in 1955. Number of pages: 189. Library catalogue number: ME chri 7.

2. I chose this book because the text on the backside attracted me. It said: Rosemary suddenly slumped around the table. They thought it was suicide. But George her husband knew better. It was murder. I wanted to know what really happend and that’s why I chose this book. A long time ago I saw a movie of a book written by Agatha Christie (Murder on the Orient Express) and it had a very good story. Very original. "The observer" said she was "the acknowledged queen of detective fiction the world over." It had to be an interesting book.

3. Rosemary gives her birthday party. She invited six people: Iris, George, Sandra and Stephen Farraday, Ruth Lessing and Anthony Brown. Suddenly Rosemary falls death on the table. There was cyanide in her glass. They thought it was suicide. Reason: depression after influenza. George didn’t believed it. A half year later he gets a letter: "You think your wife committed suicide, she didn’t, she was killed. Then George starts an investigation to the murderer. It had to be a guest at the party. The waiter was a reliable person. Rosemary inherited money from her uncle. If she died childless Iris would get all the money. That could be a good motive. Rosemary had a affair with Stephen Farraday. Without the support of Sandra’s family Stephen could forget his carrier. That’s why it had to be a secret. Sandra hated Rosemary, she seduced Stephen and she looked much handsomer. Ruth Lessing was George’s secretary, she did a lot for him. She was in love with George so she wished that Rosemary never excited. The real name the ex-criminal Anthony Brown was Tony Morelli. Nobody except Rosemary knew it. If she told it to anybody Anthony would make sure that she couldn’t say more after that. George enlisted Race, an old friend and ex-military. George came up with a plan. Exactly a year later they were all at the same place with the same people. George hired a model that looked like Rosemary so he thought that the murderer would confess when he saw her. There came no Rosemary. George drunk some champagne and just like Rosemary he was poisoned by cyanide. Together with the police Race and Anthony investigated the two murders. He or she meant to kill Iris because the money would go to Ruth (with thanks to Victor). Ruth had three reasons: partly the money, partly because she hated Rosemary and because she loved Victor. Finally the truth became clear.

4. The climax of the story is when they find out that Ruth was the murderer. They finally knew how it was possible to put cyanide in the glass of George without notice.

5. The title is sparkling cyanide. Because of the cyanide that "sparkles" in the champagne two people had died. The whole story is based on those events. The cyanide caused it.

6. Rosemary is a lovely, charming, rich young woman. But she isn’t clever. It seams that she gets everything she wants just with her looks. That’s why she has some (female) enemies. She had a flat character. She doesn’t changes. She couldn’t have changed because she was already death in the beginning of the story.

George was Rosemary’s husband. He was 15 years older. He has a flat character. He was a dull old man in the beginning and after Rosemary died he was still an old man, maybe a little embittered. He didn’t suprise me.

Iris was Rosemary’s six years younger sister. She was always a bit quiet, she stayed on the background. She was still in a shock even a year after Rosemary’s death. She loved Anthony Brown. But the rest of the family didn’t want her to marry him because they thought he was a criminal. She has also a flat character.

Anthony Brown was a undercover agent from the USA. His real name was Tony Morelli. Everybody had to think he was a criminal so he could help the find the criminals. First he loved Rosemary but they only became friends. Then he loved Iris. He was one of the persons who changed. In the beginning he was the "bad person". At the end he worked with the police. I think he was always the "good one" but it wasn’t told in the story.

Ruth Lessing was the secretary of George. She did everything for him and George told her everything. After a while she started to love George so much that she wanted to marry him. They couldn’t because George enjoyed his marriage with Rosemary. She hated Rosemary. I didn’t expect her to kill them. I knew she hated her but I didn’t thought she was capable to kill.

7. The meaning of the story is to let people know that love can make you do crazy things and that money is more important to some people than they might expect.

8. The story covers one year and a few days. From the day that Rosemary died until the murder was solved.

9. - I remember the moment that George falled death one the table very good. I think because I didn’t expect it to happen.

- Inspector Race always wanted to know everything, I recognise that in myself.

- It happened a few times that somebody said something when he/she thought that almost nobody heard it. But some people (accidentally?) heard it and they told it to other people. That also happened to me.

10. I like the story. It is original and also complicated. That’s why I sometimes got confused. The offender was somebody I didn’t expect. It gave a whole other perspective to the story.
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