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Winnie the Pooh


A.A. Milne


First published in: 1926

This edition published in: 1992

Title explaination

The title of course is Winnie the Pooh who is the main character of the book.


The setting is a fantasy world of the stories told to Christopher Robin by his parents. It is in the forest and called the 100 Acre wood.

Main characters and their relation to each other

The main characters are Winnie the Pooh, a teddybear, Piglet a little pig-doll, Rabbit, a rabbit-doll, Owl, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo who are all Christopher Robin's dolls and live together as friends in the 100 Acre wood.

Main characters in detail

Winnie the Pooh is Christopher's favorite doll. He is a Bear of Very Little Brain, who is very loyal to his friends, as long as he does not forget to be. His favorite food is Honey (or Hunny) which he very frequently eats. He is a very loving and lovable little bear.


This story is about loyalty to your friends, about learning to know the wold and most of all about imagination.


There are ten stories in Winnie the Pooh, but I'll summarize two.

Piglet meets a Heffalump:

In this story Pooh and Piglet decide to catch a Heffalump. To do this they think of a very ingenious trap: they will dig a hole in the ground just where the Heffalump will step. The Heffalump won't ever see it coming because he'll be looking up to the sky to see if it is about to rain, or if it already rains, he will be looking up if it clears up. To lure the Heffalump they put a pot of honey in the pit. But in the evening in bed Pooh gets hungry so he goes to the pit and sticks his head in the pot, where it is stuck. Piglet decides to have a look in the pit and sees a Heffalump, runs off and gets Christopher Robin who explains it is only Pooh with a pot on his head....

Expedition to the North pole:

Christopher Robin musters all the animals to go on an expedition to find the North Pole. They set out but the road is full of dangerous places and possible ambushes. Suddenly Roo falls into the water. Eeyore tries to save him with his tail, but it doesn't work. Then Pooh finds a long stick and holds it out for Roo to grab and he pulls him out. The long stick turns out to be the North Pole, Pooh found it. So they stick it in the ground and attach a note to it saying Pooh found the North Pole


I liked

-the simple humor

-the sweet ignorance of Pooh

-all the other characters

I disliked

-only the little number of stories in the book
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