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Facing the Music by Margaret Willey

The story takes place in Grand Haven, Michigan in the summer of 1997.

The most important characters in this book are:

Lisa Franklin, Mark Franklin, Danny Fabiano and Ron Howader.

They are all white teenagers, Lisa is fifteen and the guys are all around eighteen years old. They all have problems with their parents, all for different reasons though.

The background is very important for the story because the characters often think about their family situation and their problems.

I think it’s kind of a dramatic story because it’s about feelings a lot but it also has a humoristic side to it and it’s kind of a love story. It’s about music and relationships, I really can’t give it just one genre, it’s all in one. To me the story seems very realistic, it contains the normal teenage problems and it’s just the story of a girl who wants to sing.

As said earlier, the most important characters in this book are Lisa Franklin, Mark Franklin, Danny Fabiano and Ron Howader. Together they are the band that the book is about.

Lisa Franklin is absolutely the most important one of all, she’s a fifteen year old girl who’s mother died and who’s dad is never at home and who’s brother (Mark) ignores her all the time. She loves to sing because it makes her forget all about her situation at home.

Mark Franklin is Lisa’s brother and he had to take care of Lisa all the time after his mom died and now that Lisa is old enough to take care of herself he doesn’t want to be around her all the time, he wants to have his own life without Lisa being around him constantly.

Danny Fabiano is Marks new best friend. He lives at home but in his own apartment because he has terrible parents, his dad has a new girlfriend every week and his mom is an alcoholic. Danny is a real heartbreaker, never really has long relationships with girls.

Ron Howader is a friend of Mark and Danny, he’s got problems at home too, his dad keeps on threatening to kick him out of the house.

If I could meet one of the characters in the book I’d like to meet Lisa because I would like to hear her sing and see what she really looks like. There isn’t really a bad guy in this book so there’s not really a character I wouldn’t want to meet.

Lisa meets Danny and he asks her to sing for him, he really loves her voice and asks her to join his band, Crawl Space. Lisa really loves to sing and is very excited but her brother Mark who is also in the band doesn’t really like the idea. They practice a lot and Lisa and Danny get involved with each other in secret because Mark can’t know. After practicing a lot they get their first gig and they do great. Ron and Mark don’t like it anymore because their sound has changed completely since Lisa joined and they really think she’s too good for them.

Danny and Lisa break up and the guys tell Danny they want Lisa out, Danny however doesn’t know how to tell her and Mark doesn’t want to do it either.

I think the title was well chosen because the book is about music and about facing problems and put together the title is very good.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it’s about music and about a girl that’s my age. I liked how the book described the story from two sides: Lisa’s and Marks. But it still left Lisa as the main character. I’ve never read a book with this kind of subject but it’s very recognisable to me.

I wouls recommend the story to people because it’s a fun book to read, it wasn’t even slightly boring, it really was a lot of fun to read it. I didn’t really learn anything from the book but there were a few words I didn’t know how to write and I do now. Like the word ‘mike’ for microphone.

This is a poem about the book:

Better to see the sky and the water,

better to feel, to feel everything.

Better to face, to face the whole thing,

Better to sing, better to sing
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