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Ladies and gentlemen. Please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to land in india.I'm stewardess Mumtaz Yahan of KLM. Before we land we would like to tell you some points about india.

India has an area of about 3.28 square meters.It is situated in the south of asia and is in between China and Pakistan.

There are about 1.04 billion people scatterd around India.Most people are of the hindu faith.That's about 80% of the people. Hinduisme is also one of the oldest faiths in the world. Many people speak many languages. The 5 major languages are; hindi,tamil,urdu,bengali and kashmiri. But these are not all. There are about 1600 minor languages and dialects. But only 3% of the people really know the language. There are lots if things to do in India but we will only discuss a few options.

Delhi; Delhi is the capital city of India. Visitors get 2 cities for the price of 1!!! There's new Delhi and old Delhi. In the old Delhi you'll find people who practise their customs like the people in the past. There are very poor and make everything themselves. Like their clothes and houses. They even harvest their own food. When you arrive in new Delhi it's like 2 different countries. New Delhi has most of the travel agences, banks and airlines in India. There is even a museum of indian art wich you cant' miss.

Kochi: I'm sure you all know about the Taj Mahal. It is a beautifull palace wich is in Kochi. The emperor build it for his wife who died in childbirth. It's made mostly out of marble. Marble used to be very expensive wich only shows you how rich the kings were in those days. It has many towers wich are made out of beautifull colors. If you work by the sea you can visit a 16th century synagogue. Don't be surprised if you see dolphins yumping out of the water In Kochi there's also the river ganges. People they're clothes,drink and wash their cows in it!!! Many people get sick of drinking rhe water but the people still keep coming.

Vegetarian: There are many restaurants in India. Many people think that all indians are vegetarians. Many are because they don't want to kill their holy cows. But contrary to popular belief some indians are vegetarians because they cannot afford meat. Most vegetarians live in the north.

History; In 1986 India developed a new nuclear bomb. That made the president of that time, Shu Jahan win the elections. But in 1998 the people got angry and bomed the nuclear factory. They also killed Shu Jahan.

Afther the second world war the indian president divided India in 2 pieces. There was a mad rush as 10 million people tried to change sides. They killed 250 000 people while they fighted over space.

Another thing to do is visit a very interesing person; the Dalai Lama. He is for many indians a religious symbol. Because of him tibet stopped fighting and as result they don't have their own coutry. He said that it's better to live in peace.

The weather in India is good know,it's very hot today. The time in India is about 7:30.

We hope you had a nice flight and thank you for choosing our airline.
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