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Leaving Las Vegas


Nicolas Cage ( The Rock , Con Air , Matchstick men , snake eyes )

Elisabeth Shue ( The Saint , Hollow M an )

Julian Sands ( Mercy , One night stand )

The Director

Mike Figgis (Internal affairs )


Ben ( Nicolas Cage ) , a failed screenwriter from Hollywood has a serious drinking problem . When he looses his family and his job he falls in a dark black hole where he can’t seem to get himself out of . He spends his days drinking alcohol in sleazy bars and he isn’t even capable anymore to function like a normal man . He feels absolutely useless and on one day he decides to go to Las Vegas where he will find death in self destruction ( which means he will literally drink himself to death ) . In Las Vegas he meets a streetwise prostitute named Sera ( Elisabeth Shue ) . Sera lives with her pimp , Yuri ( Julian Sands ), who occasionally abuses her physically , she is very unhappy with the way she is living and wants to find a way out . Sera finds comfort in Ben , probably because he is in a worse state then she is and Ben , who doesn’t know half the time what he is doing or saying still is capable to fall in love with her and soon they form quite the odd couple . As time goes on they form a big support for each other but it is still unable for Sera to make Ben stop drinking , and for Ben it is impossible to end Sera’s life of prostitution . Nonetheless it doesn’t stop them to love one and another . Soon things grow bad and Ben has aggressive outbursts in casinos and he picks fights with total strangers . Not only Bens life is headed towards a dead end but also Sera’s who gets beat up by some clients of her . Ben has lost all form of rationality and sleeps with another woman , a college from Sera , although Ben didn’t realize what he was doing , the relationship between Ben and Sera ends . But soon Sera realizes she can’t live without Ben . So she comes back to his hotel room where she finds Ben , death on the bed , he drank himself to death , Sera falls on her knees and cries .
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