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Fawlty towers

The history

It all began in 1971. The team of ‘Monty Python Flying Circus’ was filming scenes in Wales for their new television series. They stayed in a hotel, called ‘The Gleneagles Hotel.’ The owner had a very strong impact on the Pythons.

His name was Donald Sinclair.He was a very strange man: he thought that in one of the bags was a bom and complained about the way one of the Pythons used his knife and fork.

This hotel and his owner were the model for Fawlty Towers.

It has been shown repeatedly throughout the world. In 1977-78 alone it was sold to 45 stations in 17 countries, becoming the BBC’s best-selling programme for the year.

The story

Fawlty Towers is British humour in a classic way. The story is about a man and his wife who run a small hotel. Basil is the main character. He is always very nervous because he is afraid of inspections. For him it is impossible to cope with the guests.

His spanish waiter Manuel doesn’t understand much English and drives his boss crazy. The other characters are Sybil, Basil’s wife, who suffers his deeds and Polly, the chambermaid who has to save Basil regularey. There is also Major Gowen, who lives in the hotel. He is a drunk.

I know a lot more about Fawlty Towers and the characters but I don’t have enough time to tell you everything now.

Finally you will see a part of the episode ‘The Wedding Party’ from the second series.
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