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The most horrible person I know

The most horrible person I can imagine looks like a skeleton.

He doesn’t look that tall because he has a hunched back..

When he walks you can hear his bones crack.

He has long greasy hair that sticks on his forehead and is pretty old.

He has those small dark eyes who sits like holes in his grey-faced head..

He’s got a huge wart on his chin with hair on it and has a breath that smells like death fishes. Although he’s very ugly he seems to be very satisfied with his bony body and likes to run trough the house in his yellow G-string.

It’s a very annoying man.

He is a bit too friendly and can’t leave people in peace.

He’s very hospitable and he insists we stay as long as possible at his place. Although we want to get out as quick as possible.

He’s too helpful (he never leaves you alone and can’t stop talking and asking you things, even when they’re totally unimportant).

He’s very open and likes being with other people and because of this he’s uncivil.

He’s unable to keep his hands to himself, he always takes you by the arm or face or shoulder. He farts all the time and spits leftovers in your face when he talks to you.

He talks about subjects people don’t want to know and chases you with annoying questions.

As result : he doesn’t stop talking and spits all over you.

He picks his nose and play games with “the catch of the day”

(the contents of his nose) and finally eats it with a lot of noise.

He smokes large cigars with heavy tobacco that is excessive perfumed where you almost shock in it when he blows it in your face.

I hope I never meet that kind of person
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