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1. This book is about tracking, hunting, putting traps for wolves etc. Al kind of things to catch an animal. A loop( a halter, noose) is a just a reference to an instrument that catches animals. And that’s what the book is about.


a. Who ?

Helen Ross: a 29-year-old biologist who is sent to Hope, Montana, to defend a pack of wolves, from those who want to destroy them. So she stays in a cabin, where she has the machines to follow the wolves. She falls in love with Luke Calder.

Luke Calder: a 18 year-old boy, son of Buck and Eleanor Calder. He stutters, especially in the presence of his father, who has always been very hard on him. Luke has been following the wolves quite some time. While spying on Helen( in her cabin), he falls in love with her. Later on in the story he helps her with tracking.

Buck Calder: father of Luke and Kathy. A very hard and unfriendly person, hís rules and no-one else’s. He cheats on his wife, by sleeping with a friend of Eleanor’s and with Luke’s speachtherapist. He wants to get rid of the wolves in his area, because his caddle is getting killed. Everytime when Miss Ross and co. are showing up at the ranch for researches on the killed animals, he’s determined that the wolves are the ones to blame. He dislikes Miss Ross.

Eleanor: mother of Luke’s. She already knows that her husband is sleeping with other women( Ruth f.e.). At the end of the story she avoids that the wolves are getting killed, by telling Helen and Luke that her husband and followers are planning to hunt them.

Dan Prior: a 41-year-old man of the US Fish and Wildlife Service Wolf Recovery team. He shows Helen her cabin and works with her on researches and tracking etc. He is divorced and he kind of likes Helen, and is a bit jealous of Luke.

Bill Rimmer: a predator-control agent and works together with Dan Prior.

Abe Harding: has a ranch and 2 sons. Not a very nice person. He wants to get rid of the wolves too, for the same reason as Mr Calder. In the story he shoots on of the wolves down.

Mr. Lovelace: an old hunter and a widower. He is hired by Buck Calder for killing the wolves for money. So he stays in a trailer on Calder’s property. He’s able to manage killing a bunch of wolves and he stays in nature and dies there.

Kathy Hicks: daughter of Eleanor, sister of Luke. She lives on a ranch with her husband Clyde Hicks and their baby.

b. Where ?

Hope, Montana (Rocky Mountains)

c. When ?

20 th century

d. What ?

The story starts in Summer in Hope, when a wolf kills a Labrador on the ranch of the Hicks’. The media is presence very quickly and so are Dan Prior and Bill Rimmer. Buck is there too and accuses the wolves immediately, while Dan isn’t so sure. Then Helen Ross comes to Hope, after Dan have prepared her a cabin where she will stay during the research. She, Dan and Bill are putting tracks and are following the wolves, but then they find out that someone is tampering all of Helen’s tracks, and that person is Luke. Helen comes across him one night and finds out he’s the one to blame. But he’s a good person and helps Helen around from that moment on. While there’s a meeting about the wolves, Abe Harding shows up with a dead wolf on his back that he had killed. So he stays in jail for a while.

Buck Calder visits an old hunter, Mr. Lovelace, and asks him to go and hunt the wolves in Hope for money. So Mr. Lovelace does and stays in a trailer on the property of Calder. Helen visits her sister Celia, who is going to get married, she tells Celia about Luke. In the meantime Mr. Lovelace kills as much as wolves he can. When Helen gets back, she comes across Buck Calder in a bar and he is trying to seduce her, but she ignores and runs off.

Calving time begins and Clyde Hicks helps his father-in –law (Buck). For some reason Buck is very mad at Luke. Luke doesn’t think this is fair and defends himself, what leads to a slap in his face from his dad. He runs to Helen and is mother to Ruth. After killing a couple of wolves, Mr. Lovelace dies in middle of nature. Buck Calder accuses a wolf again of killing one of his calves, but Bill Rimmer assures the calf was stillborn, with anger of Buck. When one evening the police shows up at the Hicks ranch, Buck and Clyde try to get rid of the trailer Mr. Lovelace has been staying in, with all the evidence. A couple of weeks no wolves are getting killed and Helen and Luke are following 2 collared ones, which goes very well. But one night Buck, Clyde, the Hardings, and some logger pals leave with the intention to destroy all the wolves. Eleanor and Ruth warn Helen and Luke, and they decide that Luke will go and take the pups out of the den and that Helen and Eleanor will barricade the road. But with the threatening of a rifle, Buck knows how to get trough and kills one wolf and secondly he shoots, unpurpose, Luke, who was hiding himself there, after he had tried to safe the pups. He was shut in the side of his neck and in his left eye. At last the research comes to an end, Helen and Luke leave Hope and Dan wants to quit working with wolves, he has enough.


I am very enthusiastic about this book. I think that Evans is a very good author, his books are really exciting. And he describes things in a nice way and very detailed. I also appreciate this book, because it’s about animals and because men is trying to protect these animals( in this case; wolves) and that’s a good point
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