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The book I read is “Matilda” by Roald Dhal. It’s a very famous book because there’s also a film about it.

Matilda is a very clever girl, she reads books when she’s only 4 and she’s very good at school. But she has terrible parents who don’t like her; they’re to busy. And her head teacher, Miss Trunchbull, is even worst. But her teacher, Miss Honey, likes her.

One day Matilda starts moving things with her eyes. She don’t exactly know how she does it, but it’s a special and strong feeling. She can move everything with her eyes. After that she isn’t afraid of anything or anybody, not even of Miss Trunchbull !!

One day, Miss Honey wants to talk Matilda about her past. Miss Honey lives in a very small house outside the village. She talks about when she was born; about her parents: her father was a doctor in the village, and her mother died when she was only two. Then her aunt came in to her father’s house. When she was five her father died. Her aunt stayed with her and when Miss Honey started to work, her aunt said that Miss Honey most pay for al the jears she took care of her. That’s the reason why she lives in a small house. And when Miss Honey said that her aunt is Miss Trunchbull , Matilda got an idea for helping Miss Honey.

Two days later they’ve got a lesson from Miss Trunchbull.

Matilda writes with her eyes that Miss Trunchbull most give Miss Honey her money and her house back in name of Miss Honey’s father.

Miss Trunchbull can’t believe her eyes and she faints.

After that day nobody ever saw Miss Trunchbull again.

A few days later, miss Honey got a letter in which stood she could have her fathers house back and also his money.

Matilda her parents wanted to move to Spain. Matilda didn’t want to leave. She asked Miss Honey to let her stay and live with her. Her parents agreed.

A new live could begin …… .
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