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The “De Wets” come to Kloof Grange

Major Gale and his wife Caroline Morgan lived in a grange in Southern Rhodesia.

Their four sons were all in the navy.

This gave Mrs Gale a lot of leisure time.

She loved gardening and she had created a beautiful garden around their house.

Along with his farm, the garden was the only thing Mr. Gale cared for.

But his farm had become too successful for him to run it alaone and he decided to hire an assistant by the name of De Wet.

De Wet was an experienced farmer: he had run a mixed farm in the Transvaal for years.

Mrs Gale arranged an old house for their new assistant and his wife.

She was much younger than he was.

New End:

Mr De Wet and his wife get on well with Mrs Gale.

Mrs Gale invites the couple for dinner and they have lots of fun.

Mr De Wet and Major Gale became good work partners.

When the men are in the farm Mrs Gale and Mrs De Wet are always together working in the garden or sitting in the veranda.

One day when Mrs Gale and Mrs De Wet are sitting in the veranda, Mrs De Wet tells Mrs Gale that she is pregnant.

Mrs Gale is very happy that there will soon be a child.

They will have more work than the garden, because they have too much free time.

Mr De Wet is also very happy with the child.

When the child is born Mrs De Wet becames a very good mother.

They give the child the name Doris.

Doris had in fact two mothers because Mrs Gale also treated her as her child.

Mr De Wet is a good father for Doris.

Major Gale felt as if he was the grandfather of the child and the De Wet’s and Gales saw themselves as real family.

After Doris the “De Wets” had 3 more children, 1 girl and 2 boys.

The boys all became farmers like their father.
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