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I read the book, The Third man, it’s written by Graham Greene.
The story begins after the second World War in Vienna. At that time Austria
was occupied by four powers, America, France, England and Russia. Vienna
was divided in zones, an American, a French, a Britisch and a Russianszone.
Rollo Martins, a writter of westerns, came from Londen to meet his friend
Harry Lime. When he arrived he heard his friend was dead. He had an
accident and was driven over by a car. Martins went to the funeral and
there he met a detective Calloway. Calloway invided him for a drink.
Colloway told Martins that Lime was a racketeer. Martins didn’t believe. It
was possible that the death of his friend was a murder, Martins wanted to
investigate. Martins heard from the neighbour of Lime that three man were
at the place of the murder, Mr. Kurtz, Mr. Cooler and another person. A few
days later the neighbour was murdered.
Martins heard from Calloway that the third man could be Harbin, an
undercover man, who works with Lime.
An evening Martins visit Anna Smith, the girlfriend of Lime. When he walked
home he saw Lime. He thought he saw a ghost, but it was Lime in real
person. Lime fluw into an entrance of a sewer.
Martins believed that the death of Lime was set-up. With Calloway he made a
The next day Martins went to Cooler and he told him that he wanted te meet
Lime, at a café near the sewer. Lime came out of the sewer, noticed the
chaps, watched him and he flew back. After a great persuit Lime was shot,
by Rollo Martins.

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