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"Eunice Parchman killed the Coverdale family because she could not read or write..."

This is the first line of this novel. We know immediately "who done it." Then we find out why. This novel follows Eunice Parchman's life as she applies for and accepts a job with the Coverdale family as their live in housekeeper. She had missed schooling as a child because of the war and had never learned to read or write. As an adult, only three people knew her secret. After her parents died, she had to sustain herself.

Eunice is a great housekeeper. It is a shame she is the closed person she is. Because of her disability she has shut herself off from the world and the people who populate it. She does not understand the Coverdales, nor do they understand her. They know she is the perfect housekeeper. They do not know who she is.

The persepctive of this novel is different from most mysteries. The mystery is why she killed the Coverdale family rather than who killed them. It refers to what is happening in the chronological process of the story and will refer to the Valentine's Day Massacre that will occur by the end of the book. There are poignant moments when the narrator mentions how a current event will affect the future happening.

This novel fascinated me because of the tone of it. I also listened to it on tape rather than reading a paper copy of the book, so I had the wonderful inflections of Carole Hayman (the G.K. Hall Audio Publishers edition). Her flat portrayal of Eunice was on the mark. This is an interesting study of the motivations of people and how odd events can all lead to a horrendous climax.

Ruth Rendell, a.k.a. Barbara Vine, is the winner of three Edgars, four Gold Daggers, and, most recently, the Grand Master Award. She lives in Essex, England.

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