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1)Title :

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

2)Plot : Scheme :

David Copperfiels was born -> his father died -> Mrs Copperfield married with Mr Murdstone -> Mr Murdstone’s two sisters managed the house -> sended David to school -> he made two friends (Steenforth and Treddies)

David’s mother pregnant of Mr Murdstone -> David returned -> after the birth his little brother died -> David was forbidden to go to school -> he had to work in London -> he stayed by the Micawber’s -> they moved -> David ran away without any money -> to his aunt Betsey Troodwood -> went to school (again) -> stayed by Mr Wickfield and daughter Agnes -> he graduated -> went to Yarmouth to visit old friends ( Mr. Peggotty, Mrs. Peggotty, Mrs. Grummidge, Emily and Ham ) -> returned to London -> met girl of his dreams (Dora) -> he worked a few years -> married with Dora -> bought a house -> Dora couldn’t managed it and became sick -> she died after a few years -> David went back to Yarmouth -> heard that his friends died in the sea -> he went traveling (to forget evrything) -> when he returned he knew that he loved Agnes -> went to London again -> married Agnes.

He went travelling because he wanted to forget everything. When he return he knew that he loved Agnes. He went to London again and he married with Agnes.

3)Theme :

Drama -> It is about a boy who is struggling with a lot of problems.

4)Time : When?

The story is situated in the fifty’s. This novel is covering a period of 23 years.

5)Place : Where?

Mostly in London


6)Community they are living in :

It is about poor people (mostly) but once upon a time there is a rich man in the story.

7)Your own opinion :

It is a good book. In the beginning I didn't like the book at all because it was so sad. Later it became a happier book and I like reading it. The end was the best because David married Agnes who really is a great girl and who can do lots of things in the house, she is everything that David needed. That’s nice because you know that David will have a good future with Agnes.
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