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First published in: 1963

James Bond: Bond is an agent from the British Secret Service (BSS), codename 007 (00x means licensed to kill). He’s a handsome and clever agent. He’s very fond of women and he likes gambling.
Blofeld: This is the bad-guy, he wants to take the power of the whole world.
Tracy: She’s the Bond-girl (Bond and she like each other and she helps him at some places).
Draco: Tracy’s father, he’s the big man of the Union Corse, an international criminal organisation. He becomes a good friend of Bond, even though they’re very different.
Miss Irma Bunt: She’s a help of Blofeld.

The start of the novel has Bond chasing the shadow of Blofeld all over Europe, and heading to France, where he meets Tracy, gambles on two long shots, and becomes face to face with another one of Europe's most dangerous criminals, Marc-Ange Draco, Captain of the Union Corse. Marc-Ange bribes Bond into going out with Tracy. Blofeld moves to Switzerland.
Two Months pass from the meeting of Bond and Draco, and he is still involved with Tracy, and has tried everything to find Blofeld. Bond finally tries another long shot, the College of Arms. After an attempt to connect James with Bond Street, 007 finally gets to talk to Sable Basilisk. Basilisk has the only info on Blofeld that is worth while, his lawyer's address.
With meetings and crash courses about Blofeld's line of descent, Bond is sent to meet Blofeld in Swizterland, with no weapons, only books and his razor blade. Met in the airport by Irma Bunt, 007 is taken to Piz Gloria in the Swiss Alps, by helicopter. On his first night he is introduced to Blofeld's "patients" at the club dinner. It seems that Blofeld's cover is now a man interested in allergies. He creates cures for the patients as well as hypnotizing them to do his dirty deeds.

The next event shakes up Bond: his first meeting with Blofeld. The meeting goes well for Bond and his research causes another meeting between himself and Blofeld. This time the arrival of Shaun Campbell from Station Z interupts them, and Blofeld dismisses 007 quickly. With Campbell's arrival, 007 knows that he has to escape at any cost, including Campbell.
Bond's escape from Piz Gloria is the most exciting part of the novel. Bond's blind luck and amazing skill on skis are the best part of the chase sequence, which leads Bond into Samaden and to the waiting arms of Tracy, at a Christmas party. Tracy drives Bond safely to Zurich where Bond does what no one ever thought he would... he asks Tracy to marry him. Tracy accepts and Bond is off to London to see M. The meeting with the Man from Agriculture and Fisheries doesn't go well. Bond knows that Blofeld could kill everyone in the United Kingdom with his pests. Bond leaves and makes a call to Draco, and soon devises a plan to destroy Blofeld. The plan succeeds with one problem: Blofeld escapes down the bob-run with Bond right behind him. The climax happens when Blofeld blows up the track with a grenade. Bond, coming away black and blue, gets married on January First and as they are heading for their honeymoon, Tracy is killed by Blofeld in a drive-by shooting. Bond says one of the most chilling lines of all, "Don't worry..., We have all the time in the world."

It’s a normal Bond-book, with a lot of action, sometimes a bit far-fetched, but that’s also very fun to read (example, maybe a bit exaggerated: Bond has been trapped by lots of people who don’t like Bond. Bond shoots behind his back, hits 2 people in 1 shot, he makes a double somersault, hits 3 people, jumps to a chandelier, flies over all people, escapes without a scram). It’s a pity for Bond that Tracy dies at the end, but Bond is more fun when he’s bachelor and a skirt-hunter.

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