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Laurie Saunders is a student at the Gordon High School. Laurie is editor in chief of the school paper. She sits in a small office, she was going to start with the school paper: Gordon Grapevine. When she was ready, she goes to Amy Smith (her best friend). They go together to their history class. Their teacher was Ben Ross. Today they going to learn something about the World War 2. After they saw a movie about the WW2, all the students were amazing. Laurie asked her teacher; why don’t the people see that Hitler was a very bad man? The teacher can’t answer the question. When the bell rang, the students go home. The next day Ben wants to try an experiment. He want let see the students what life it was in Nazi Germany. He writes three words on the blackboard; strength, through and discipline. Ben tells what they must do, for example: walk around in the classroom and when Ben says sit down, the students must go sit down. Every time the students wants something ask to Ben, then they must first say Mr. Ross. Ben called his group: the Wave. The students are very serious and interested about the experiment, but Laurie don’t like it. Students from other classes go to Laurie’s class, to join the Wave. There is much violence between the students. They all have a other opinion about the Wave. David (Laurie’s boyfriend) have broke up with Laurie, because she doesn’t want join the Wave. Ben knows that it is getting out of control, but he can’t stop it. Laurie write bad things about the Wave in the school paper. When Laurie has finished her article about the Wave, she walks out the school. David was waiting for her and he said: Stop writing bad things about the Wave, Laurie doesn`t want to do that and David push her down on the grass. Some day`s later David realized that the Wave is a bad experiment. David went to Laurie to apologize. In the evening David and Laurie went to Ben to talk about the Wave, they would stop it and they find a way to stop it. The next day Ben explained the students that the Wave experiment was a bad idea. The students understand it and they stopped with the Wave, it was a bad experiment it was not good for the students. And so they stopped the Wave together.
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