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De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 322 woorden.

First published in: 1979

Graham Reed: A professor at the St Jude’s College at Cambridge
Lt-Col William Reed: Officer Commanding 3rd Battalion, Royal Air Commandos, British Forces, Germany.

The book is build up from several letters from Graham Reed to his brother, William Reed. They contain stories of things happened to Graham.
1st letter: The African Student
It’s about an African student (Dan), who studied in Cambridge. At a day he’s involved with a fight. He’s angry with Governer Edwo from Doria, Dan’s country. That man took a few years ago the power in Dan’s country, with a lot of violence. His parents are still in Doria, and he thinks that they can be killed. After a few weeks his parents come to England, and everybody’s happy.
2nd letter: The Spy
There’s a “war” between the students, and the local Hell’s Angels. Graham finds out that there’s a student between the Hell’s Angels, which they don’t know. He’s from Cambridge. At the end of the letter he leaves.
3rd letter: The Milk Drinker
An old professor, who taught Graham in his early days, says that he is writing that will change the world (no violence, hate, etc.). He only drinks milk, cause he uses a drug that causes problems when he eats normal food. At the end he succumbs, and when Graham reads his book, he sees that it’s all nonsense.
4th letter: The King of Nabul
There’s a student who appears to be the king of Nabul. In his country, a man will take over control now he’s in England. Now the rightful king of Nabul has to commit suicide (that’s a Nabulish custom). Graham prevents him from committing suicide.

5th (and last) letter: The Climb
There’s a bomb in a tower of the university, and Graham climbs into it and find out that it’s fake.

The letters are all short stories, so there’s no normal story line. They’re all a bit far-fetched and VERY boring. At the other side, the book is very thin.

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