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This book is about Philip, he has a girlfriend Tessa. Phillip lives in a small place near by London, he does exams. It’s almost summer holiday. Phillip his parents let a holiday cottage to older people most off the time. But this holiday rent a beautiful young lady the holiday cottage, her name is Janet. Phillip is in love and will do anything for her. Janet knows that Phillip will do anything for her, and abuse him. Janet ask him to take books to the other side of London, she pays him ₤ 2,- a hour. She can’t do it by herself because her ankle hurts. Phillip was pleased to have a job and working for Janet. He take the books and bring them to Mr. Simpson, Mr. Simpson gives Phillip things back for Janet. Everywhere Phillip goes he saw a blue Datsum with a man inside. Phillip found Mr. Simpson a strange man and he lives in a strange house. He expected a great beautiful house and people in beautiful clothes. He wants to talk with Janet about this. Janet ask him to collect picture early Saturday. Phillip wasn’t pleased because he must up so early, but he wants to do it for Janet. This time was it a modern building, in the building was a wall were liked with cards advertising jobs. Phillip wants to go independent and work. Because his parents always wants to know when and what he is doing. The next day Phillip must go to school, to bring back all the textbooks and saw Tessa. Tessa said to Phillip I don’t trust miss Stubbs ( Janet ). Phillip things Tessa is jealous. The next day Phillip takes parcel for Janet to Mr. Simpson, but Phillip came to the house and it was empty. He gets in the house to look and saw that Mr. Simpson was disappeared. On the stairs sits a strange man and ask Phillip what he was doing there. It’s the police, they took Phillip to the police station. Phillip tells them the hole story, but they already knows what’s going on. They ask Phillip if he saw a blue Datsum, because that was the police. They where following Janet and Phillip all the time. They tell Phillip that Mr. Simpson is Janet husband and they took false passports out off the country. Phillip his mother was happy that everything was alright with Phillip and take him home. Phillip told Tessa the hole story and they decided to tell the others at the dance.

Titel: The messenger

Schrijver: Liz Wilkin


Phillip: He’s a boy. I think his ages is 16, because his exams.

Tessa: She is the girlfriend of Phillip. I think her ages is 16 also.

Janet Stubbs: She was a nice woman in the beginning, but later she was a


Mr. Simpson: A dirty strange man. He is the husband of Janet.

Tijd: The story is on this time of the century, because there are trains and


Plaats: London and a small place near by London.

Mening over het boek:

It was a nice story. This thinks happens every time whit children, they trust every one and don’t believe parents. Only to translate it was very difficult. I hope its ok.

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