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First published in: 1959

James Bond: Bond is an agent from the British Secret Service (BSS), codename 007 (00x means licensed to kill). He’s a handsome and clever agent. He’s very fond of women and he likes gambling.
Mr. Auric Goldfinger: This is the bad guy. He’s small, he has a fat body, clumsy and boorish legs and an almost perfect round face, which stands right on his shoulders. It is just like he’s put into each other from several parts of others. He’s almost addicted to gold and money. He also likes golfing.
Odd job: He’s a Korean help for Goldfinger. He’s very, very strong, is very, very good in karate, and has a billycock with a very, very sharp brim, which he can throw like a frisbee and causes very, very much pain when it hits you.
Tilly Soames (true:
Tilly Masterton): She’s the sister of Jill Masterton. She’s a bit angry with Bond, you’ll read in the summary why.

Bond has just finished an assignment, and wants to fly back to England. Then he meets a man that he met in Casino Royale, Mr. Du Pont. He tells Bond that he the last few days canasta played. Usually when you play canasta, you won’t lose/win very much money, but Mr. Du Pont has lost $ 25.000, - against one player, Mr. Goldfinger. He thinks that he’s cheating. He wants Bond to find out how. When Mr. Du Pont an Goldfinger are playing, Bond finds out that in the hotel at Mr. Du Pont’s back, there’s a woman with a spy-glass and a microphone, which is connected to a strange box. Bond makes a picture of it, takes the microphone and says against Goldfinger that he has to give all the money he won back, and to apologise for his cheating and that Bond takes the woman, Jill Masterton, a week with him.
Bond arrives in England, and gets a new assignment. Some people think that gold is flowing away from the Bank of England. They suspect Goldfinger.
Bond meets Goldfinger at a golf club. He asks what is happened to Jill Masterton. Goldfinger says that she doesn’t work for him anymore. Properly, she’s dead. Goldfinger also cheats with golfing, but Bond traps him and wins. Bond visits Goldfinger at one of his houses and sniffs around. Then he sees that he’s recorded all the time that he was in the house. He demolishes the tape, and puts a cat nearby. When Goldfinger finds out that Bond has demolished the tape, he lets Odd job impress Bond with his strength, hat and karate skills. Bond pretends all the time that he works for Universal Express, but Goldfinger doesn’t believe the whole of it.
Goldfinger crosses the Channel with his car with armour-plates by plane, and lands in France. He drives to Geneva, and Bond follows him. Somewhere in France Goldfinger stops and leaves a bar of gold under a bridge. Now Bond has a few pieces of the puzzle. Somehow Goldfinger smuggles gold, puts it somewhere, and SMERSH takes it to Russia. On the way Bond meets Tilly Masterton, who also seems to follow Goldfinger. He sabotages her car, and she drives with him. She’s angry with him because of him Jill died. In Geneva, Goldfinger enters Enterprises Auric A.G. Bond spies the building at night, and sees Tilly. She wants to kill Goldfinger, because he killed Jill. Bond stops her, but then they become caught. Odd job tortures Bond to find out why he’s here.
When Bond wakes up he’s in a hospital with Tilly. Goldfinger offers Bond and Tilly a job. Goldfinger wants to rob Fort Knox, where very, very much gold is kept. Goldfinger invites a couple of gangsters to assist him. Bond and Tilly have to do some paperwork until the robbery. Goldfinger says that he wants to put some kind of sleeping-draught in the water. Real, he wants to put nerve poison in the water. That will solve one problem, the people/guards etc., but there’s also a huge door. He wants to blow it up with a nuclear bomb. He wants to transport his part of the gold by train. Bond warns Felix Leiter by a letter and a reward to the one who transports it to him.
When the whole gang travels to Fort Knox by train. When they arrive, they see many people lying on the ground. Goldfinger thinks that it worked, but it’s a trap. When a signal sounds, all soldiers stand up. Bond wants to run away and take Tilly with him, but she wants to stay with Pussy Galore, a female and lesbian leader of a gang that helps Goldfinger. Then Odd job comes and kills Tilly. Then he jumps back on the train. Felix Leiter comes and takes Bond with him. Goldfinger and his companions escape.
Bond goes to the airport to go back to England, but he’s trapped. When he wakes up, he’s in a plane. Goldfinger is going to take him to SMERSH. Bond smashes a window, and Odd job becomes sucked-outside. Bond kills Goldfinger and the plane lands by weather ship Charlie. In a hut happens what usually happens at the end of a Bond book between Bond and Pussy Galore.

This book is like a normal Bondbook, with a lot of action and excitement. Through the book there raise a lot of questions, like how Goldfinger the gold smuggled. It makes you curious, and that makes the story thrilling. It’s also very thrilling when Bond arrives at the station at Fort Knox, with people lying all over the ground. He thinks that they’re dead, but it’s a trap.

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