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The first edition of this book was published in 1990.
The book has 183 pages.
I have read this book in +/- 13 hours (I don't know exactly)
I have finished the book at 14 March 1999.
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A short summary:
· When Sharon tells she is pregnant and refuses to tell who the father is, there are first rows about it and everybody wants to know who the father is. She would not tell it because it is the father of a friend and she was drunk when it happened. First, her father, Jimmy Sr., was very upset and wanted to know who the father is but later he becomes very close with Sharon and reads a book about pregnancy and asks Sharon a lot of questions about it which Sharon hates.

· The height is, I think, when Sharon tells to her father she is pregnant. That is following by rows (not really rows but he also didn’t accept it immediately), bad language etc.. But after that he finally supports Sharon and he makes rows with people who talk bad about Sharon and her pregnancy before she get married.

· The most important passages of the story are when Sharon tells her father she is pregnant, when she tells her friend she is pregnant, when Jimmy Sr. is interested in her condition and her totally supports and when the baby borns of course.

· The language the author uses is very striking, it is written to the reality, with all the terms of abuse. The author writes all the conversations the characters have with each-other very realistic and in spoken language so sometimes you will understand it better when you say it aloud.

· The main-character is Sharon, she is twenty years old, she works at a supermarket, she has an own wish but sometimes she doesn’t know what she does (for example when she has drunk a lot) she always want to win of her dad and is happy with herself, she is the daughter of Jimmy Sr. And Veronica and has some brothers and sisters.

· The title doesn’t say anything about the contents of the book because with the word snapper you can go in every direction.

· The story takes place in North-Ireland, the north-Dublin suburb Barrytown in the twentieth century. It couldn’t take place in another situation because the book is written about how a typical Irish family in such a suburb would react. It couldn’t take place in perhaps Norway because the people will react not the same as the Irish people described in the book.

· The problem is that the twenty years old Sharon is pregnant and she refuses to tell who the father is.

· It (the pregnancy of Sharon) isn’t easy to accept for the father of Sharon, Jimmy Sr., but he slowly accept it and supports her in everything, Veronica, her mother, does also support her in everything. Jimmy Sr. reads a lot of books about pregnancy and asks Sharon a lot of things about what he has read in the book. First they wanted to know who the father is but Sharon really don’t want to tell it so they stop asking it.

Optional assignment 1:
Sharon Rabbitte and George Burgess writes each other 5 letters.

Optional assignment 2:
A part of the diary of Sharon when she have to tell her parents she is pregnant.

Date 20 April 1989
I have to tell mum and dad tonight I’m pregnant. Oh, I don’t want to tell it I’m scared that dad will not accept it and that I have to go out of the house. I think I will tell mum first and when her reaction is acceptable I will tell dad it.
How could I be so stupid that I’m pregnant now? If they ask who the father is I will say that it was a Spanish sailor who is gone yet. I will never say who the real father is because he is the father of my friend Yvonne. How could he be so stupid to do that with me? If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t be pregnant now and don’t have any problems now.
I now go to tell mum I’m pregnant, I hope she will accept and won’t go angry because when she go crazy how angry must dad be then?

Date 21 April 1989
I told yesterday to my mum and dad I’m pregnant. Veronica was very kind and she reacted good, I had told her first because I was scared of dad. I also told dad I’m pregnant, he was really shocked and suggested an abortion but fortunately mum waved that immediately aside. I really don’t want an abortion because abortion’s murder!! Dad have to accustom to it that I’m pregnant and that he will become granddad. Mum doesn’t want to tell the twins I’m pregnant because it is bad to be pregnant before you are married. I’m so glad that they have taken it good but the only problem is that they want to know who the father of the child is. I said that it was a Spanish sailor but it wasn’t very believable. But I hope that they stop asking it, then I don’t have to tell lies anymore.

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