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!. Titelbeschrijving

The title is Hatchet. The hatchet (bijl in Dutch) is the only thing Brain has when he survives the crash.

The hatchet is the reason that he survived, he maded a fire with it, he maded instrument with it and he killed animals with it to eat them upp. So iff he had not have the hatched he probbibly did not servived.

2. Keuze en verwachting

My choice was hatched, because I had to choise out of 3 books. Hatched was the most intresting book. And it did not seemd a very hard or a boring book.

3. Zijn je verwachtingen uitgekomen?

My expectations were not very high, and I didn´t like the book at all.

So they have come out, but at the same time they did! The book was prodictuble and not very exithing.

4. Korte samenvatting

The story begins in an airplain. In that sierplant is a pilot and a boy named Brian. Brain is on his way to his father in Canada. Brain speaks a few words with the pilot and he may take over the controls and fly on his own. Sudenly, while they are flying, the pilot gets a hart attack, and dies. Now no one is having contol over the plain. So Brian has to take over the controls and land the plane somewhere safely. After a while he crashes in some were, in some woods of Canada near some lake. But the plain slides further and at vensualy in the water. Brian escapes from the plain and gets out of the lake. The next day he wakes up, and is very hongery, so hey most get somthing to eat. He is on his own now and the only thing he has is a Hatchet. So he searches for something to eat and a place to stay. He finds berrys and he finds a kind of cave witch he calls home. But the berrys have made him sick and he has to find something else to eat. That night a turtle lays eggs near his home and brian dugs out the eggs and eats them. After a while he finds other sweet berrys . But he gets into a fight with a porcupine and also gets robbed from his eggs by a skunk. Brian becomes weaker and weaker because he only eats the berrys and got wounded after the fight. So he finds out how to catch a fish and he finds out how to make fire. But with only fish and berrys he doesn’t get enough to eat so he tries to catch a bird and a rabbit. Now he lurnes almost everything he needs to konw about surviving

One morning , after he as catched a bird he gets into a fight wit a moose. And Brian gets woonded at his chest. And as if it isn’t worse enough already, that night a tornado comes over and destroyed everything he had made, his home, his instruments. But the tornado has also moved the plane out of the water and so Brian can get to the plane and get the survival pack out. In the survival pack is a transmitter and after a few hours Brian gets saved by a plane.

5. Beschrijving van de personen.

Brain is the main character. His parents are divorced.

He survived in the wildernis en became a whole other persoon the he at first was. He became a boy that can survive in the wildernis, an he was a normal city boy.

6. Tijd en ruimte

It takes place in a plane on his way to Canada, in a wood in Canada, in a lake in Canada en in the plane that save´s him. But it can take place in the 20th cenrty ore in 21th century.

7. Verwerkings opdrachten

A- The pilot atracts me the most! I Thing it`s terrible he had to die on a hart attac in a plaine! And I think it´s sweet that he let Brain control the plane!!!

B- “Crased”, Bescouse he crased in some lake in some wood in Canada!

O- “The Boy survived”

Saturdy 3th oktober_ Brain Robeson, was found in the wilderness in Canidian, Canada.

He survived a plaine crash, and lived for over a month in the wildernis.

With only his hatchet, that was the only thing that was left of the crashed plaine. The boy is

Safly home again thanks to the hatched. He made the plain open again with his hatchet a and found radio. A few minuts later he was safely on his way home.

The pilot died during the flight on a hart attac.

C- Interview met Gary Paulsen

- How did you came up with this story?

- Do you write books only for the jong grown-upps?

- Is this you´re first book?

- Do you like Brain?

- If this will happen to you , do you think you will survive to?

- Do you like the idea that yong Dutch people have to read this?

- Did this book brouth you a lot of Money?

- Have you ever been to Holland?

- Do you live in England?

- Are you´re parents divorced to? (like brain´s)
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