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Name: Selina Landman

Class: V4B

Date:3 november 2002

Report number: 1

Title: Rebuilding Coventry

Author: Sue Townsend

Year of publication: 1988

Preview: Why have you chosen this book? What where your expectations? (50 words)

I had heard that Sue Townsend was a very funny writer. So I thought it was a very comic and not to difficult to read. When I red the back of the book, the description told me it would be a very exiting and orginal story and I liked that description.

Summary: Write down the general outline of the story. (200 words)

Coventry lives with her husband Derek Daking and her two childeren Mary and John.

One day she is busy with cleaning the chimney in very dirty clothes.

Than she sees something at her neighbors across the street.

Her neighbor Gerald Fox is strangling his wife Carol. She runs to the neighbour’s house and she brings an actionman doll down on the head of the neighbor. She thinks she killed him and immediatly she decides to run away to London, abandoning her husband and childeren.

She doesn’t know where to go, she doesnt have any money only the dirty clothes she is wearing.

She sleeps in doorways, grovers for food and even prostitutes herself. .

After a while she finds a job by a strange family where she is goinig to be the housekeeper There is a Professer Wulloughby D `Eresby and his wife Letitia who is a Naturist and ther sun Keir who eats nothing.

After a while Wulloughby D `Eresby finds out Coventry is a murderess ands she got fired.

Than she meets Dodo in Cardboard City, who helps Coventry get money, a Visa and a passport tot go to another country to start a new life. On the airport she saw her childeren for the last time.

Characters: Write down the main characters and explain thei roles in the story.

Coventry: She is a pretty woman. She is married with Derek Dakin and they have two childeren, John and mary. Coventry discovers that live on the street without her husband and kids isn’t so bad at all. She enjoys her freedom. First she was shy. But later in the story she wasnt shy any more.

Derek Dakin:

Opinion: Write down your opinion of the book. Wou;d you recommend this book to anyone? Why/ why not? (150 words)

I found the book very funny written and also tense, the episodes are comic and original. Sue Townsend started her book immediately funny with the sentence: "There are two things that you should know about me immediately: the fist thing is that I am beautiful, the seond is that yesterday I killed a man called Gerald Fox."

The book reads also easy, because it has short chapters and not a too difficult “sentence building” advancement. Also the character is very funny and original.

I could imagin myself well in the protagonist Conventry. But what I found strange is that she would never see her children again. In spite of the episodes who were funny however they were also realistic, it could be in real life happened. That found I nice because I do not like fantasy storys. It is certain a must to read because it’s something differently than a book concerning adolescent with problems or concerning a war.

Groetjes Selina

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